Spring Pruning Question (berry plants)

After spending 5 months covered in snow (we live in NW Montana), my cultivated berry plants are finally starting to show signs of life. They grew like crazy last summer and as a result we had a bountiful crop.

This is only my second year of growing them so I’m not quite sure what I should do with all the canes. Do I thin them out? Cut them back? Both?

Any help would be appreciated!

What kind of berry? It can matter.

Blackberries, Raspberries and Loganberries if that helps…

These berries grow on second year canes. There are exceptions, hybrids, and ever-bearing types, but for the most part one year a new growth cane develops foliage and root strength.

The second year these canes bloom and set fruit.

And in the third year these canes are dead and should be pruned out and removed.

If your canes are showing signs of life leave them alone to bloom. Remove any dead canes. Easy as pie, berry pie.

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