Growing my own Ginger

I had some ginger that started to grow on my counter a little less than a year ago, so I put it in a pot and it has continued to grow beautifully, and it now is almost too long for the pot it is in (about eight inches).
When/how should I go about harvesting the ginger? (should I do so at all?)

I have seen ginger flowers before, and I think they look really nice, but mine hasn’t had any flowers yet. I think it just probably hasn’t had enough time, but I want to know how long I have to wait for flowers too.


Ginger is a tropical plant; it needs deep, fertile, well-drained soil or compost, fairly regular feeding and lots of warmth and humidity. keep the plant somewhere warm and mist it daily.

I’m not sure about harvesting it, but I’d have a look at it when the pot starts to look full.

The ginger you planted is actually a rhizome (an underground stem) for the plant. Harvesting can be done in any number of ways, including selectively harvesting. You may not necessarily be ready for selective harvesting yet as it requires that the plant have grown a second stem. Providing a larger area for the plant might help in this. The rhizome will shoot underground and eventually give you a second stem. Harvesting just the first stem after the second has taken hold will allow you to have a perpetual supply of ginger (though depending on how often and how much you use, you may still find yourself having to go to the store to pick some up). When you’re ready, excavating around the base of the stem is the best course of action. Try to find a rhizome junction for you to break the rhizome off to allow the other plant to continue to grow. Dig the rest of your ginger up and enjoy!

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