Growing Roses from seeds

Has anyone tried this? Lately I’ve had a bee in my bonnet to try this. I suspect that the result would be a pretty funky … whatever would be the result but I’d just like to try it and see for myself.

So, has anyone tried this and if so, what was the result? Any and all opinions are welcome!

This is how new rose varieties are made - by growing from seed - the offspring of nearly any cultivated variety will vary from the parent - perhaps wildly, or only slightly.

The chances of getting a new, brilliant variety is very very small (breeders may only select one plant out of tens of thousands of candidates, when raising new varieties).

Also, roses are typically grown grafted onto a wild-type briar rose rootstock, for health and vigour.

But none of that matters absolutely - seedling roses will grow on their own roots, and the offspring will be interesting, if nothing else. They may take several years from seed before they flower.

ETA: also, you have to stratifythe seeds to make them germinate.