Grrr...How Do I Turn Off automatic indenting in MS Word?

This is driving us nuts. Word automatically is set to automatically indent lists and such and we can not get it to stop.

Tried some of the Autoformat options, but haven’t had any success.

Anyone know where I go to turn this off?

(I am reminded of the Bugs Bunny cartoons way back when, when Yosemite Sam is riding a mule or sometimes a camel, going "Whoa, Mule! Whoa, Mule! …I…said…(BAM! Hits the animal of the head with his rifle) WHOAH!!!)

Anyhoo, thanks in advance.

Try: Format => Paragraph.

Also, you can make your own list style with no indents. Try: Format => Bullets and Numbering - then select the List Tab and click Add to start a new style.

Will give this a try. Thanks for such a quick answer!!

Thanks again ,** Uncle Beer**.

I played around with the Format–>Paragraph and got the beast to behave. I’ll work on your second suggestion later on when I have more time to play around.

I should’ve mentioned, this was for my wife in Florida, but I will make use of it also. She thanks you, too. You’ve saved her a lot of extra and unnecessary work.

No problem. As a long suffering user of Word, I know well how infuriating (and time-wasting) its automatic “formatting” features can be. That first suggestion works well in existing documents. The second one, once you save your new list style, is something that can be used over and over. It takes a little fooling around with to get it to look exactly like you want, but still way less time than dicking around with document after document.