black455: Can I help you?

Idjit Old Bag: I was wondering if you could answer a question for me.

black455: That’s what we do here.

IOB: Well, I know about BC and AD for the years, you know…

black455: Before Christ…

IOB: …and After Death.

black455: Anno Domini. Year of Our Lord.

IOB: ???

black455: AD. Anno Domini. Not “after death.”

IOB: Right. Well what’s this CE and BCE I hear talk about?

black455: They stand for Common Era and Before Common Era. They’re an alternative to BC and AD.

IOB: Why would they need that?

black455: Well, for one, the concept of AD and BC isn’t historically accurate. No scholars really think that Christ was born in 1 AD anymore.

IOB: Well…

black455: And secondly, CE and BCE are more faith-neutral terms. It’s more sensitive to non-Christians.

IOB: So they use them for non-believers.

black455: I said non-Christians. Like me.

IOB: What do you mean its not accurate? The only other callendatr out there is the Jewish!

black455: Well, there’s also the Hindu, the Muslim, the Chinese, the Mayan…

IOB: You’ve answered my question…

black455: Is Baby Jesus crying?

Phone: Click.

Do you work in heaven’s IT department or something?

No, no. He must work at the Vatican Helpdesk. 0800-DIALDAPOPE.

At the public library…

in the Education and Religion department…

in Cincinnati.

Wow, I can’t even begin to count the oxymorons in that post.

I dunno. I kinda like the “After Death” thing. It implies that Jesus was stillborn.

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Yeah, and Kansas is such a happin place![list][list]
:eek: :stuck_out_tongue: :wally

Why thems fightin words!
We’ve got Toto, tornados, and Creationism! On a good news day, disgruntlement over baseball bumps mass murderers out of the headlines.
If there’s a more informed, happening place out there, I haven’t yet seen it.

black455, at least she didn’t ask you how people could count down to Jesus’s birth before it happened.

Thank you. That was about the funniest thing I have read for weeks!

This just got me thinking… why is BC (before christ) in English and AD (anno domini) in Latin?

Probably so people would have an excuse to piss off black455. dives behind couch

The Master Explains.

Does that mean this thread should be moved to Comments on Cecil’s Columns now?

I dunno. Coldfire’s 0800-DIALDAPOPE had me laughing too.