What are three words that end in “gry”? Two of the answers are easy. The third one you use everyday…but is more difficult to figure out…

I’m always first to these threads, but I’m not witty enough. Darn it!

ACK! Will this topic ever die?Cecil’s take
Also searching the archive will reveal about a bajillion threads on this.
Its a stupid riddle. The answer is three.
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Have a cigar, my friend.

If you survive this thread you will certainly be a better person for it.

The third word, of course, is “felchgry.”


And just how long has he or she lurked? :dubious

The definitive answer.

Has public stoning been outlawed? Is there nothing we can hang over the person’s username to identify him or her forever as a person who started one of these threads?


The weird thing is, if you say it really loud it doesn’t echo and it owes you a dollar.

OH MAN, I even got beat to the quack reference! Yeesh.

Um, er, uhhhh, 4.75 is average.


Come on children, stop picking on the newbies!

Aw, mom we’re just playing! See? He likes it!

But where is the missing dollar?!?

I thought you had to forward it to 10 friends and then a guy from Nigeria will deposit the dollar in your bank account?

No no no nonoo! It’s “Nephroectogry”, the condition of waking up in a bathtub without yer kidney.

Silly, “Nephroectogry” is a word meaning both “next” AND “final”.

Fighting ignorance, indeed!

Gaah! It hurts!