GSN has wrecked Extreme Dodgeball

Used to be a good show. As of tonight’s season three premiere, it sucks. Every single change made to the format is terrible. One game per episode instead of two. Four six-minute quarters with scorekeeping instead of best two out of three, throw balls until everyone’s out. Celebrity captains? Why?

I hated it so much that they’ve managed to turn me from a huge fan into a non-watcher in the space of an hour.

Man, I loved the first season, even though my mimes were awful.

Do they still have the same teams, but with different players? Or do any of the players remain?

They’ve made the teams city-based. The only two teams that have continued are Armed Response (now “L.A. Armed Response”) and Bling (now “New York Bling”) but only about three of the players from those teams from last season remain on the same teams. Players from most or all of the teams from last season are scattered amongst the teams and there are many new players as well.

I’m not liking it too much either. Although Mario Lopez was pretty decent, which I was not expecting. I can see how having four 6-minute quarters does test the physical abilities of the players, but it’s just not as exciting. The changes in regeneration, the bringing back fewer players, the penalty box - none of that “adds” to the game for me.

And did it seem that during the second half the floor by the line was wet? In the slo-mos feet were sliding to the line.

Now, I only saw a couple episodes, but from what I can tell, Extreme Dodgeball was inspired by the movie, DOdgeball, yes? And, until this season, has similar rules as laid out in the movie? And the teams were kidn of odd-ball and had wacky themes, like in the movie? Man, it was fun the few times I watched it…i want to play dodgeball!


How could they go and ruin a beautiful thing like Extreme Dodgeball!!! My life is ruined, I tell you, ruined!!!

(What is extreme dodgeball anyway?)

Somewhat. Dodgeball never really left, but the success of the movie (obligatory drool over Vince Vaughn) sparked much renewed interest.

Yes. It was five on five, first team out, best of three matches set. The first game was plain ol’ dodgeball, the second game introduced a huge ball, the third had one player as “Dead Man Standing”. If you got that player out you won that game.

Of course!

Dodgeball the movie premiered in the US in June of 2004 and Extreme Dodgeball the series debuted in July 2004. How much impact each had on the other I don’t know but no doubt each benefitted from the synergy. The new season of Extreme Dodgeball features Rip Torn (Patches O’Houlihan from the movie) as the Commissioner of the Extreme Dodgeball league.

BIG Ball!

Dead Man Walking.

The horrid new version still has the Big Ball and Dead Man Walking but in horribly mutated form. Big Ball kills count for two points instead of the one for a small ball kill. Dead Man Walking kills count for two points but don’t end the game, and apparently since the Dead Man Walking can also be the Last Man Standing, with the changes in the regeneration and the dumb new “wipeout” rule the Dean man Walking can change within the course of the period.

So overly complicated. So stupid.

Maybe GSN could broadcast the games of the World Adult Kickball Association?