Guacamole, Ketchup, Jelly, Am I missing any?

I don’t know how to state the question. My other question (Origin of PB and J ) reminded me of this question I wanted to ask.

What fruits and Vegetables ( And I guess we can trow in beans peas legumes and nuts) have some exclusive – or dominant claim of ownership – to some “sauce” or semi solid dip or dressing?

For example

Tomatoes make Ketchup.

Avacados make Guacamole.

Grapes enjoy a dominant claim to Jelly.
What am I missing?

Chick peas make hummus

Apples make apple butter

Is that what you’re going for?

ETA: SInce I just posted to your PBJ thread, no I"m not stalking you… :slight_smile:

Peanuts make peanut butter
Soy beans make soy sauce
Coffee makes me stay up all night

Eggplant makes Baba Ghanoush

Ketchup was originally made from pickled fish. Later it was made from mushrooms. Ketchup being made from tomatoes only came along later.

Yes, Catsup/Ketchup means many different things around the world; it’s only in America primarily that we consider Catsup/Ketchup to be a pickled-tomato sauce.

And jelly is dominated by grapes?? In what alternate universe? Have you never had Straberry Jelly (as opposed to the jam)? Or Mint Jelly (particularly tasty with lamb)? Or any of a dozen other varieties of jelly? Jelly is simply jelled fruit juice, after all.

Peppers make hot sauce.
Mustard seed makes mustard.

And there are no grapes in Kentucky Jelly, either.

(Bolding mine) I have wondered from time to time just what did the mushroom ketchup taste like. Is there any commercially available?

Google on “mushroom ketchup” and you’ll find at least one website selling the stuff.

Rhubarb makes an exquisite (IMHO) jam.

Tomatoes make salsa?

In this thread, I posted a recipe for banana ketchup.

Yummy rotted fish make fish sauce.

Olives make tapenade.
Taro makes poi.
Beans make bean dip.
Basil plus other yummy stuff makes pesto.

I won’t agree with grapes being the one fruit thought of for jelly. I don’t believe most people think of apples when thinking of jelly either. Apples are in almost all jelly, because pectin for commercial use is derived mostly from apples, and next by citrus.

Fruit leather is mostly apple pulp with some other fruit juice added.

Nah, lots of things can make salsa. Tomatillos, for example. Salsa just means “sauce”, I think.

Although other varieties exist (e.g. lemon, grapefruit, or quince), most marmalade is made from oranges.

Toejam is made from toes, methinks.

Horseradish - horseradish sauce and fake wasabi.

Although I’m aware of Grape jelly from hearing about it on the internet, it’s pretty much completely unheard of here in the UK (and, I suspect, most of the world, except the USA).

Jelly here is predominantly bramble (blackberries) or raspberry - but many others are available.