Guess at how many posts you have.

Wild guess, 534 posts.

584, I think.


I have a really bad memory, so…

Counting this one, 935.

(I cheated - if I were guessing, though, I’d have said 900.)


Hmmm…I’m fairly sure that I’m closing in on 12,000 posts.

Define “post”.

288 or so?

Whoa, just for the record, that was my 289th post. And I wasn’t cheating, either. I’m good.


Close to 2000.


I am guessing about 300

About 750.

Approaching 1000. I think it is around 980.

Shoud be around 120…

I’m such a newbie.

between 4100 and 4200.

Close! Must get a life.

I’m pretty sure I’m close to 4000.

Relatively speaking, of course.