Guess how many ingreidients were in my ham salad sandwich.

This would be a ham-salad sandwich on wheat bread. Number guesses are encouraged, but ingredient guessing is more fun. I’m saving the label just in case.

If you can accurately predict the date of my death, there is a bonus prize of $200.00.
I won’t mind paying you, I’ll be dead.

Where is the sandwich from? Your kitchen, a deli, a resturant, a vending machine in a truckstop bathroom?

If the latter, there’s probably many more ingredients than on the label, busily creating even more new ingredients by asexual reproduction!

Since you did mention a label, I gotta assume it’s store-bought, possibly from a 7-11 or something.

Probably a dozen actual ingredients… like meat, cheese, lettuce, bread… and their individual ingredients, like wheat yeast etc etc…

I wanna say ‘42’ because that would be funny.

However, I’m gonna guess 87. Why? I don’t know. 87 it is.

Mmmm… ingredient sandwich!

Holy SHIT dude, the answer was 86. That makes me a bit scared, [Chris Griffin] Get out of my head![/Chris Griffin]

I was going to go with 37, just to post a replay so that I could add this mild hijack.
A gal at work ordered a Ham and Cheese sandwich from the lunch counter across the hall. Sandwich delivered. Sandwich paid for. A little later Sandwich opened. WTF!
She calls back to the lunch counter lady. Amy, you didn’t put any Ham on my sandwich. Reply: Oh, that’s because I know you’re Jewish and wouldn’t want any ham on your Ham and Cheese sandwich. Really!

Ham salad! One of my favs! Lemee see…

pickle relish
hard-boiled eggs

If it’s more than that… be afraid, be very afraid.

Was the wrapper itself listed as an ingredient?


I stick with my “87”, thank you. q;}

PS: Still got that $200? :smiley:

Maybe 87 is a thinkable-of kind of number, and that’s the label writer just kind of stopped there? Else is freaky.

Is there a limit on the number of guesses on your deathday?

86 ingredients? Seriously? That seems high, even for one of those overly processed vending machine sandwiches. Must be of exceptional quality!

What I really want to know though, is what is the first ingredient?

You forgot the bread, butter/oleo, pepper-- and all the chemical stuff to keep it fresh.

I say 13.

The first ingredient was bread, it did not count as an actual ingridient though since it was the sum of it’s components. Likewise ham was not counted as an ingredient since it is made of ham,salt,water etc. I only counted the component ingredients. I’ve since trown the wrapper away, I was really freaked out that someone could have guessed so closely, so quickly. I also didn’t want to be exposed to any stray botulism that might be hanging around on the wrapper.:slight_smile:

Yes, I still have the $200.:slight_smile: All that will be needed to claim it, is a hard copy reference of this thread. No limit to guesses, but I’d like the most accurate ones first so’s I can use up my vacation days first.:wink:

Can I post a link to my guesses? I’m about to make 438 480 different ones, and I don’t want the mods to get cross. Alternatively, I could post a guess schema, instead of each individual guess.