Sandwich ideas, with ingredients from a supermarket during lunch hour

So there’s a new supermarket near my office. Lately, I’ve been getting the ingredients for sandwiches – a single roll, sliced meats from the deli counter (enough for one sandwich), lettuce and tomato from the salad bar, and little packets of mayo and mustard, and I assemble it at my desk. It’s remarkably cheap altogether – about $3 for a good-sized sandwich with quality ingredients.

So I want some ideas for sandwiches that can be made with single-serving ingredients from the deli counter (lots of cold cuts available), the salad bar, and condiment packets, and assembled at my desk. I like nearly everything except for raw onions.

As an example, here is what I got today: a single sub roll ($.75), 4 slices of liverwurst (~$1.25), lettuce and tomato from the salad bar (~$1.25), and condiment packets of mayo and mustard (free). Any off the wall combinations that work well together?

If you have a refrigerator you can use, keep a jar of sauerkraut around. - I know it’s not proper without grilling the bread, but I find I can make a dam good Ruben with a toaster and microwave.

Your choices are limited only by your imagination:

  • Italian cold cut + olive oil + balsamic + lettuce + tomato
  • Pastrami + mustard + pickles
  • Ham and smoked gouda + mayo + tomato + lettuce
  • Smoked turkey + mustard + mayo + tomato + lettuce
  • Cajun Turkey + mayo + tomato + lettuce
  • Roast Beef + mustard + tomato + lettuce
  • Chicken salad + tomato + lettuce
  • Egg salad + tomato + lettuce
  • Prociutto + roasted chicken + olive oil + balsamic + lettuce
  • Cappicollo + salami + olive oil + malsamic + lettice

…etc… etc… etc…

Thanks for all these!

Name one after me. :wink:

Grab a bag of shredded cheddar cheese, a jar of diced pimentos. and handful of mayo packets and a dash or two of hot sauce and you have the Southern staple Pimento Cheese. Spread it on bread or scoop it up with crackers. Take the remainder (if any) home and finish it off on the weekend.

Muffalata all the way! You’ll need a couple of slices of just about everything behind the deli counter, some roasted red peppers, olive tapanade and provolone (preferably smoked).

If you have a source of heat, one of my favorite sandwich discoveries of the last year is toasted roast beef and brie. It works just plain like that, but you can also mix it up easily by adding dill pickle or mustard (on the savory end) or sweet pickle or fruit preserves (for the sweet end). Brie is high under-utilized as a sandwich cheese.

They sell pre-made pimento cheese spread/dip, but I’m not sure if this is my thing. Maybe I’ll try it.

I do not have any suggestions; but I think your idea is brilliant.
I rarely eat sandwiches at home because I live alone and do not want to purchase everything necessary. Next time I get a craving I will follow your lead!

Thanks! Not only is it pretty cheap, but I find the sandwiches are tastier – the ingredients are very fresh, and you put it together exactly as you like it.

I don’t even know what this means… :confused:


I think I understand the problem CT Damsel is getting at. If I buy a pound of lunch meats, I either have to eat a sandwich every day of the week, or I have half of it go bad. Back when I was growing up, my brothers and I would have polished off that whole package in a day (two at most).

I’ve taken to making sandwiches out of leftover roasts, or I buy cold cuts at the deli counter where I can get 4 or 6 ounces that I know I’ll eat before they spoil.

Pre-made pimento cheese is demon pus. I always thought I despised pimento cheese, until I accidentally ate some made by a schmancy Southern restaurant and realized it could be delicious. It needs some spice, benefits from some garlic or cumin, requires sharp cheddar–but if you make it that way, it’s awesome.

Sriracha and mayonnaise is a great sandwich spread. Can you keep a bottle in an office fridge?

Avocado and bacon both make any sandwich extra-deluxe.

My grocer sells sliced red peppers in it’s juice in a jar next to the pickles. It’s not spicy but does add a slight pepper taste. It also needs to be patted down with a paper towel or it makes the bread all soggy.

Also I’ve lately been using cream cheese. Regular and those flavored ones like jalapeno, garden vegetable and chive and onion on my sandwhiches. Those add some nice variety.

I’ve put quacamole on sandwiches and it’s good too.

Or screw the formal sandwich. Get a crusty french roll, small wedge of brie, and Granny Smith apple (you’ll want a metal knife capable of cutting the apple). Just alternate eating slices of each. Move to the apple when your mouth is too dry, the bread when it’s too wet or highly flavored, and brie when it’s too sweet or bland. Repeat.

(Ideally, you sneak out and hit the supermarket in the middle of the morning, so you can leave the brie out for a couple hours and let it get to room temperature).

That really requires a light dry white wine, like a Sauvignon Blanc. If iiandyii can drink at his desk, he’s golden! :wink:

But yeah, hitting the deli for olives, pickles and a French roll with a touch of mustard has been my go-to lunch for years.

You sound like a meat guy, so these may not be your thing. But just in case, I like hummus with pepperoncinis, lettuce, tomato and any other assorted veggies. I also like roasted eggplant with bell pepper and balsamic and oil and lettuce and tomato.

If you can keep BBQ sauce and/or teriyaki sauce in a refrigerator somewhere or find them in packets, you could have teriyaki chicken or BBQ chicken sandwiches. I don’t know if they have grilled salmon at your deli, but teriyaki salmon sounds good to me.

Great idea to put the sandwich together yourself. Whole Foods will make a sandwich, but they charge over $7 for the same ingredients.

Add a few slices of ham, maybe some chutney or pickle and you’ve got a nice ploughman’s lunch.

Put avocado slices on anything, and the delish factor is doubled by 2. It’s a mathematical constant.