Ideas for party sandwich fillings?

We’re having a pot-luck type deal at work and I’m going to bring rolled party sandwiches - it’s easy to transport them, you can make veggie options quite easily, and it’s going to be really hot, so small sammies will probably be a hit.

For one type I’m going to make ABC - avocado, bacon and crab and for another type I’m going to make cucumber, cream cheese, pecan and cranberry.

Does anyone else have some nice suggestions? I think I would like to make about 6 varieties. Peanut butter/banana is one option, as is egg salad and dill, but they’re a bit dull - I’m open for any suggestions. :slight_smile:

Will you be charging for these sammies? :stuck_out_tongue: (kidding)

I’m probably in the minority, but I’ve always been a fan of pimento cheese sammies.

Should be a hit with the kids if there are any present.

Heh - no charge, and no kiddies, sadly.

How exactly does one make a pimento cheese sammie? What type of cheese? Where do I get the pimento? Is it more of a spread?

Pimentos can be found in small jars near the pickles and olives at the supermarket usually.

I make a version of pimento cheese that has grated sharp cheddar, pimentos, minced or pressed garlic, and enough mayo for a nice spreading consistency. It tastes better after sitting for a while to let the flavors mingle.

Egg salad, salmon, & crushed cashews is a good one. You can also make cajun egg salad, but be sure to label that so people don’t get burned.

Hm, so far you have

ABC [avocado bacon and crab]
cucumber, cream cheese, pecan and cranberry.
Peanut butter/banana
egg salad and dill
pimento cheese
Egg salad, salmon, & crushed cashews
cajun egg salad

as suggestions.

I like the ABC, and the cuke, and the pimento cheese. The others need some crunch, and egg salad is boring though the cajun suggestion is good - or make it deviled egg flavor. Perhaps salmon salad instead of egg salmon salad, but that gives you all mush sandwiches. Any chance of making club sandwiches? You can use other than toast - it would be nice to get nonmushy sandwiches [some people have issues with textures while eating and need something with some biteability]

My favorite sit-down-and-eat-from-a-plate sandwiches are Cuban and the Philly.

When I make rolled sandwiches for parties I always do these two vegetarian options:

  • Hummus & Tabbouleh - add slivered cucumber and slivered red bell pepper

  • Refried beans, shredded cheese, chopped scallion & pickled jalapeno

when looking up a rolled sandwich I stumbeld onto this wiki page,

made me chuckle

This is a list of notable sandwiches:

Try Bendtictine spread! I don’t think it is well-known outside of Kentucky. Basically it is cream cheese/cucumber, and it’s delicious.


Humm - no, I don’t think there’s anyway to roll an entire clubhouse sandwich into a little pinwheel sandwich, firstly because you can’t roll toast, and secondly because there are just way too many ingredients. Those that can’t eat pinwheel sandwiches due to texture issues will need to have some of the other potluck dishes I guess (honestly, I don’t believe any of my coworkers have ‘texture’ issues - at least it’s never come up around the lunch table).

Both of these sound quite nice - what type of bread do you put them on? I’m planning on using standard loaf sliced lengthwise - I’m guessing these would be better with pita bread?

Do you have recipes for either of these? I’ve never heard of salmon/egg salad but it sounds pretty good, and the cashews would be nice.

I always buy Price’s Pimento Cheese spread in a tub, in the dairy case. There’s at least a couple of different varieties, but I get the basic one. You CAN make pimento cheese spread yourself, but why bother, when it’s readily available? You can also put this stuff on crackers.

I make roll ups of smoked salmon, capers, fennel, (everything minced) in cream cheese.

Cream cheese, finely chopped ham and finely chopped dill pickle makes a nice spread (my husband loves it).

ETA - you could also do tuna salad, with onion and celery (very finely chopped) or relish.

Actually this is probably an excellent addition. So, at the moment we have;

Cucumber/Cream cheese/Pecan/Cranberry
Smoked Salmon/Fennel/Capers

The whole pimento spread sounds a bit nasty, actually. Like it would be quite processed, which isn’t hugely appealing.

I’m still keen for the salmon/egg salad recipe, or actually the cajun egg would be a good addition.

Chicken salad – add curry powder and chutney

Done as wraps.

Nope, I’ve just eaten them. :slight_smile:
The one tasted like a standard egg salad recipe with smoked salmon added, and chopped celery & cashews give it a nice texture. The cajun one I didn’t eat – I don’t do cajun – but I think it was egg salad with cajun spices added.

Another good one is citrus chicken salad – regular chicken salad with lemon juice or lime juice added – just a bit gives it a good kick.

I can’t believe you’ve never eaten pimento cheese. It’s like … a staple!