Your favourite sandwiches

I just made myself an open grilled sandwich, comprising of white bread, butter, tuna mixed with mayonnaise, lettuce and cheese. It was SO good!

While I was eating it, though, the thought crossed my mind that it could actually be considered a strange combination by some. Just as I can’t understand why people would eat PB&J.

So what is your favourite unusual sandwich topping/filling?

As well as the one mentioned above, I love grilled Vegemite, cheese and tomato sauce sandwiches too.

Rollmop sandwich. Take 2 rollmops, remove the little wooden pegs, put them between bread, and eat.

For those not in the know, rollmops are pickled herrings rolled around a piece of pickle and held in place with pegs. Much better than they sound :).

Ewwww…and I mean eww…ick. :::::shuddering::::

Anyway, my favorite.

Take two pieces of bread, I prefer Rye but it is a personal choice.

Butter one side of each piece. On the other side spread a light coat of your favorite red pasta sauce. I like Prego but YMMV.

On one slice add salami, cheese, tomatoes and red onions on the sauce side. On the other add salami and cheese. Put the sam’mich together then grill over medium heat and flip once. When the cheese gets good and melted have yourself a feast. It’s sort of a mini pizza.


Chicken club, with white bread, bacon, spicy mayo, fresh lettuce and juicy bacon. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Also, Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, and buffalo chicken sandwiches are pretty good too.

But nobody beats the chicken club.

It requires a little work, but it’s well worth it –

[li]Pumpernickel bread[/li][li]A slice of Jack cheese[/li][li]Roasted red peppers[/li][li]A slice of grilled eggplant[/li][li]Avocado or a heavy schmear of guacamole[/li][li]Grilled portobello mushroom[/li][li]A couple of horizontal slices of zucchini, raw or grilled[/li][li]Another slice of Jack cheese[/li][li]Grilled in a mixture of olive oil and butter with a little garlic[/li][/ul]

Serve warm with a cold glass of ginger ale and perhaps some really good potato chips. Bliss.

Nope. Nope. Nope.
The best sandwich is still grilled cheese on white bread made with a slice of real sharp chedder and real swiss cheese. Comfort food at its finest!

Unusual??? This “might” be unusual to some…

Grilled cheese with FRIED Bologna/baloney… YUM

and of course the USUAL standbys, Banana sandwich,pineapple sandwich, lettuce sandwich…

but my ALL-TIME fav.

stomach rumbling, mouth watering

Can you make one for me? Pretty please??

anenquiringmind…pineapple sandwich?! Its times like this I wish we had a barf smiley…:smiley:

Reuben, triple decker & made on a griddle. Dressing should be on the side, for dipping.

I kindof like peanut butter & sprout sandwiches.
They are good, and the sprouts help keep the pb from sticking too much!

A Childhood favorite:

Bologna, peanut butter and Extra Sharp cheddar cheese - on white toast.

This is one I made up on my own for my ex-boyfriend. Haven’t made it ages.

Crumbled Stilton
Sliced Scallions

Place the stilton on one side of a sliced croissant (we liked to put mayo on both slices), then scallions on top. Prosciutto on the other side. Cut in half, enjoy, have stinky breath into next millennium.


Don’t forget this thread

Ham and mayo on buttertop wheat bread. Add layer of crispy Cheetos. Enjoy.

My host mother in Spain used to make tuna-and-tomato-sauce sandwiches. It’s funny, I don’t even like the American version of canned tuna, but damn, those things were good.

anenquiringmind…pineapple sandwich?! Its times like this I wish we had a barf smiley…:smiley: **

ROFL Tsubaki
White bread, mayo, and canned pineapple in its own juice.
Try it you’ll like it!!!

It’s standard fare here in the South, I’ve turned a lot of people on to those sandwiches although banana sandwiches are more popular once they tried it.

How to make a Kathi SandwichTM*

Take two slices of wonder bread type bread-toast.

Place on lettuce, one slice of American Cheese. Add Italian dressing to each slice of bread.


*My friend’s mother named it that because whenever I was eating lunch over at her house, that’s what I’d always make. One day she said, “You know, I’m going to try a Kathi sandwich.” The name stuck.

Here in beautiful Walnut Creek, this is known (and has been reported in the newspaper) as Dan’s Sandwich:
Choice of roll
Hot coppa shaved thin
Swiss cheese
One slice Proscuitto di Parma
Basalmic vinegar, about one teaspoon on the meat

[ul][li]two slices white bread, one slice of swiss cheese per slice of bread, one slice spread with deli-style mustard underneath the cheese, in the toaster oven.[/li][li]three slices bologna, grilled, flipped once, stacked on top of the bread-slice with mustard[/li][li]two sandwich sliced pickle slices (claussen only) stacked on top of the non-mustarded bread-slice[/li][li]combine and enjoy[/ul][/li]Or a BLT made by any ‘greasy spoon’ diner, light mayo, fresh tomatoes, crisp bacon, on toasted white.

Another favorite-hamburger bun
roast beef (the kind you get at the deli, or Arbys, not leftover pot roast)
American cheese

Very simple but oh so yummy.