Guess how Max S. went from the "Hydra Lamp" to "Donald Trump is a Wanker"

Ever read one of my posts and think, this guy is clearly off his rockers? If not, now’s your chance.

There is a line of internet-assisted thought connecting the thread [THREAD=879058]How does the Hydra Lamp “Anti-Gravity Fountain” work?[/THREAD] to the Bach-themed parody of The White Stripes’s “7 Nation Army”, “Fugue on Donald Trump is a Wanker”. Starting on the Hydra Lamp thread, it took me four discrete steps to reach the YouTube video. Can you guess how I did it?

A hint because it’s not obvious, for one of the steps I highlighted a word, right clicked, and used “search Google for…”.

Solution in the spoiler.

[ol][li]I clicked bibliophage’s link in [POST=21760758]post #6[/POST][/li][li]At the very bottom of Cecil’s article, I highlighted “wankers”, right clicked, and clicked "Search Google for “wankers”. I did this because I was wondering how offensive the word is to the British.[/li][li]From Google’s search results, I clicked the Wikipedia page.[/li][li]From the Wikipedia page, I clicked the link for cite 26, which leads to the YouTube video.[/ol][/li]Partly inspired by the Hitler game on Wikipedia (how many clicks to Hitler), the thread title of [THREAD=878997]“Links” golf courses[/THREAD], and people who in person ask how on earth I could be thinking of X at a time like Y.


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