Guess the band by the origin of its name.

1 -This band got their name from the title of a song appearing in a Beatles movie, but not performed by the Beatles.

2 - This band’s name was originally the name of an alien cabal intent on controlling mankind.

3 - This band got their name by taking a word out of an Inspiral Carpets poster hanging on the room of two of their members.

Has to be Oasis, since Noel Gallagher was a roadie for them.

  1. This band was named after a government form issued to jobless people.

The answer to #4 is UB-40.

Attempting to find a band on Google with “Xenu” in its name led me to a myspace page of “Lord Xenu and the Thetans”. I would find it hard to believe from that page that they actually would be known by anybody though.

That’s right! In the poster you could read “Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon.” as one of the venues.

No. But now I have to find some music by them.

Maybe the clue is a bit obscure: the cabal I was talking about is fictional, and was part of the poems their manager was writing at the time. But the name is similar to the one you found.

  1. Anderson’s and Council’s first names combined make the name of this band.

Pink Floyd

  1. This band originally named itself after a local brewery that sponsored them. When the sponsorship fell through, the band kept the same initials but took a new name based on a Slim Harpo song.

7 This band was originally named “Rainbow Butt Monkeys”

8 First called The Warlocks, their definitive name was picked out of a dictionary

9 Also called The Warlocks, then The Falling Spikes, and finally they took the title from a book about the ‘secret sexual subculture of the early sixties’.

#8—Grateful Dead
10—This band took it’s name from the peyote cactus preserves that the lead singers Native American grandmother used to make.

Oh, please, not even a challenge: Pearl Jam.

  1. This band was named after a fictional character who evolved from unctuous, butt kissing law clerk to ruthless, villainous lawyer.

  2. This band was named after a movie about a man who thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes.

  3. This band was named after a song on Bob Dylan’s “John Wesley Harding” album (hint: they once recorded a song about Bob Dylan, written by one of Bob’s former lovers).

  1. This band supposedly got their name from a ouija board that channeled a 17th century witch.

  2. This band got it’s name from the movie Barbarella.

Duran Duran

Answer #11- Uriah Heep?

#16: Easy one: This band started life as “Soft White Underbelly”

Number 2: Blue Öyster Cult

The name came from producer/manager Sandy Pearlman’s poetry and was later developed into the concept album “Imaginos”

Number 16: Blue Öyster Cult

The name “Soft White Underbelly” also came from Sandy Pearlman.


Dude, this is the SDMB. We all watched Jeopardy last week, too…


Judas Priest.

Alice Cooper.

  1. This group took its name from that of a fictional band in a music video by New Order.

Gatopescado got #11 right- Uriah Heep was a phony, smarmy law clerk in Dickens’ David Copperfield.

And Smapti was right about Judas Priest- they took their name from Dylan’s “The Ballad of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest.” They also did a cover of Joan Baez’s “Diamonds and Rust,” a song she wrote about Dylan.

#1. Death Cab For Cutie, from Magical Mystery Tour.