Guess the movie by it's totally random quote.

This post is in direct response to

I fear that, the original purpose of that thread has taken a wrong turn somewhere.

That being said, this then is a sister thread to it.

Rules are simple:

Pick the most absurd quote from a movie you can think of.

The reason for this is two fold. The obvious “fun” factor, and a gentle nudge away from what the answer “should” be.

Post that Quote (Verbatim, if possible).
Have other people come in and guess / answer what movie the quote belongs to.
Confirm answers, and play along with other posts.

  1. “Perogies! Cheese and Potato!”

[The film is a cult classic, but is not, (in general) that well known.]

  1. [Second Clue] “Gumdrops come in bags, not boxes.”

I don’t know.

  1. There’s an occluded front stalled over the Dakotas.
  1. Somebody’s always giving me guns.

  2. Careful not to step in the bullshit, (character name).

  3. Would you hurry it up? I haven’t got all night.

God, I don’t know the anwer to any of them so far…

but I offer:

“Well, with your bad knee Ed, you shouldn’t be throwing anyone”

Ferris Beuller’s Day Off

The Big Sleep?

1 = Cube.


I was about to lose faith in the SDMB.

Sin City

Hint: The movie featured a member of the L.A. Lakers. This movie is how I became a Lakers fan.

*Airplane *… cinch.
Here’s one:
“You looking for a little grace, Lester? Charity?”

Yes! I knew I knew this. Err. I think.

Edit: **Jack **got it.

I tried to do an easy, medium, hard, and really hard. Sadly(or wonderfully) these probably aren’t even the movies’ most absurd quotes.

  1. What could be stranger than a big fatass floatin’ cupcake?

  2. Now this top line translates into, “Pharoah gobbles donkey goobers,” and the bottom line, “Cleopatra does the nasty.”

  3. Let me know if you see a Radio Shack.

  4. Wait, are you singing mixolydian scales or something?

  1. Cannibal, The Musical. I love that movie.

Bubba Ho-Tep

Jack Batty and Mahaloth, you both are spot on. Well played.

Still up…

  1. What could be stranger than a big fatass floatin’ cupcake?

  2. Let me know if you see a Radio Shack.

The Big Sleep and Sin City are both correct. I’m surprised no one’s gotten #4 yet.

Correct. I just found the DVD on sale at the grocery store the other day, so I picked it up.

Is it Saving Private Ryan?