Guest what?

Am I now a guest nearing the end
or a user of a free board?

The latter. Posting is now free. Those who do not pay have the title “Guest.” Those who pay (for not seeing ads) have the title “Member” or “Charter Member.”

Since guests are now permanent members can they get locations and post counts? And maybe a different title?

Jerry asked us not to muck with the board settings while he’s fixing things so we have resisted the urge to do so.

However I will ask him if we can revisit this issue and see what we can do. Even in the best of situations don’t expect big fixes – that’s not our department – but perhaps we can get permission to open things up a bit.

TubaDiva, thanks but don’t bother, all long as I can post I’m happy;
Colibri answered the question.

Did I mention that my Super Duper Member title seems to be missing?

Working with this (and what our 'umble TubaDiva says makes sense), the board has, since paid membership was put in effect four years or so ago, had seven categories of membership:

Guest – During the paid-membership period this indicated either someone who had registered but not yet paid, or someone who had let their membership lapse. Per the plan Jerry, Ed, and TD unveiled, “Guest” will in the future be changed to “Member.” All posting privileges, but no freedom from advertising.

Member – People who had paid for membership after the pay-to-post policy began, and continued to pay. “Member” is to be, eventually, changed to “Subscriber.” The benefit of being a “Member” (>“Subscriber”) is to avoid ads.

Charter Member – People who took advantage of the half-price original offer when pay-to-post was first instituted, and who have continued to support the board by ongoing annual subscription payments. Other than the cachet associated with the name, the benefit of being a “Charter Member” is the same as the previous category, but at half price (an offer the Reader made when pay-to-post began and has continued to honor).

Straight Dope Science Advisory Board (formerly abbreviated SDSAB) – Persons who have contributed at least one Staff Report and who continue to be active in their assignment and preparation. They received free membership as a perk of their efforts; presumably they will now be free “Subscribers.”

Moderator – Technically “Super Moderator” in VBulletin parlance, meaning they have moderation powers in all forums if needed (and as Jerry tweaks the board each occasionally shows up with that title until fixed), they are, by and large, the ones applying the rules and policies of the board to individual posts and threads. Some moderators do Staff Reports as well (e.g. Gfactor, Colibri)

Administrator – The guys who run the board in terms of access to the “back door” software. They are the ones with the capacity to ban problem members, create new forums, etc., though this is generally done by staff consensus with Ed having final say. Some Admins. moderate forums, others are in the background. Ed is in charge, Jerry the technical go-to guy, TD handles the day-to-day board operations (though Ed has become more openly involved since the CL switch)…

Perfect Master – There can be only one, the unique and ineffable Cecil Adams.

Something like Best of the Worst too.

Don’t forget “Asshat” one time, for twenty minutes. Good Times.

Wasn’t somebody also once titled something like “Too Stupid to Post” for a short period? Or am I confusing that with the “Asshat” that askeptic mentioned?