Why do I show as 'Guest' after 3+yrs and 600+ posts?

The word “Guest” still appears under my username even though I’ve been a site member for more than three years and made over 600 posts. Why is that?

You probably haven’t bought a membership. Only posters who have paid for a subscription have “member” under their names. The rest of us who don’t pay for one are called “Guests.”

Pony up, bubba, you’re not a member until you’re a member. And you’ll never get Charter status. Had to get in the beginning and stay paid up the whole time, they earned it for sure.

And what a great honor it is. I know I’ve never achieved anything so prestigious in my life.

We don’t have advancing titles based on post counts here.

If you do not pay for membership here, then you are a guest, even if you’ve been here for years and years and have a gazillion posts. Guests receive advertising (that’s what pays for their membership) and guests do not have the privilege of creating marketplace threads.

Members pay for their membership. In addition to that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the SDMB, members do not receive advertisements on the board, and members are able to create marketplace threads. Members may also purchase custom titles which appear under their name, for an additional fee.

Charter members are members who became paying members when the board first implemented paying memberships, and have retained their membership constantly since that time (at times we have allowed charter members to regain their charter member status after letting it lapse). Charter members have all of the membership benefits as regular members, but may renew their subscription at half price.

If you want to become a member, go to your user control panel (UserCP on the upper left), then scroll down to the bottom and click on Paid Subscriptions down on the bottom left, and follow the on-screen prompts from there. You may select a one or two year membership, and may also purchase a custom title from that same screen.

THANKS for the info! I have no problem paying $14.95/year to support the site! :D;)