Guests only thread

ok I’ve been giving this whole subscription business some thought and I’ve decided that the only way we’re going to get into this club is by some kind of covert assault.

I tried blagging my way in and I think I was doing ok but that damn word “guest” under my username is a dead giveaway. They saw right through me.

Now, we could rush them en masse but they’ll already have thought of that so I think our best chance is an elite team of no more than 6 of us. Two to disable the security systems, two to create a diversion and then two to make the final push at insertion. I figure it’s best to have two of us making the final attempt because if one of us gets caught then the other one just might be able to slip by unnoticed in all the confusion.

We need to be cautious though so that our plan doen’t get uncovered. If any members should happen to wander into this thread, we are the straight dope embroidery circle engaged in a heated discussion about embroidery.

We will need code names so that we will know each other. I will be known as “Jojo”. And remember, keep all this quiet - careless talk costs lives. Loose lips sink ships.

Finally, we should note that some us may not make it. If you get injured, we will not have time to come back for you. And if we get captured then there is a chance that one us will break under interrogation. So, I will be handing out cyanide capsules before the mission begins. If you get caught - USE IT.

If you don’t make it through this then know that it was a pleasure serving with you. You will never be forgotten, you will live on in our stories and in our hearts.

If I don’t make it, I would like to be remembered as “that Jojo guy who started that thread once, remember?”.

I will be known as SecretAgentNorinew. That oughta throw them off the trail! FWIW, I know karate, judo, tae kwon do and a number of other Japanese-sounding words. For God’s sake, whatever you do, don’t email my cyanide capsule to the same addy that’s in my profile; they’ll be looking there! Send it to instead; they’ll never think to look there!

Luck to all.

Ok. Shhhh. I know it says Charter Member under my name, but it’s just a sticker. I pray each day that no one gets curious and tries to peel it off. So far, so good. I will report any and all progress towards infiltrating the ranks of the Elite. Good luck to all as well.

covertly passes out Charter Member stickers to everyone in this thread

OK, I’ve got my “Charter Member” sticker on.

So, uh, uhmmmm…where’s the best place online to order embroidery thread and needles???

<looks around suspiciously>.

I think there are spies here…


I’m Telling!!!

No one likes a tattle tale! GET A ROPE!

oh- have you tried the Guinness Cheesecake at J.B. Stout’s???

This fits better in MPSIMS since it isn’t a poll or light discussion. I’ll move it on over for you. (And hope I didn’t overlook a similar thread over there!)

BTW, I do so hope all of you guests finally appreciate the hideous, majestic scope of our plan finally unfolding. We Illuminati don’t dink around with stuff like this. You are surrounded, and have been for years. We have quietly been moving around you, even in your own cities and on every highway in the land.

Have you never noticed all those buses plainly emblazoned***“Charter”***?

Coincidence? HA!

IMHO mod

[sup]For the humor-impaired, the above was purely tongue-in-cheek. Well, except for the part about moving the thread.[/sup]

Shhhhh!!! It’s one of them. Act casual-like!

Someone dropped a bag of embroidering thread in the hall. This belong to any of you?

Like you could ever be “under the radar”, cowboy! :smiley:
Clearly, we need to form a secret alliance. We’ll need a secret password…

Sneaks in to see what the ‘guests’ are up to…

Oh, hello. wipes feet We were all guests at one time, weren’t we? But times changed. And it’s not that I don’t have a five to spare, it’s that I am not the most tech savvy person and don’t know how to set up a Paypal account. I don’t have a credit card. And I’ve been here for a bit, and I like it, and I’ll really really miss obsessing over hobbits and Terry Pratchett in a month. And I’m sad, and I thought I’d meet some likeminded friends here.

goes off to look for the guest bathroom and uses the pretty towels

Sorry for the above post. Relationship difficulties and I’m in a weird mood.

Me too. Although I don’t think it could be classed as difficulties for me. More like, well, they should invent a new word for it anyway. We should start a club. :smiley:

Sorry for the hijack.

You too? Relationship heck? I’m reacting by immersing myself in Tolkien (ahhh, hobbits) and posting on SDMB until I get shown the door. It’s been coming for some time now but it’s still difficult.

If you got to “About this Mesage Board” there is a thread there with people offering to help people just like you. You send them the money and they use their Paypal or credit card.

I meant go to, not got to.

Okay, yesterday I posted here, and under my name it clearly said “guest”; and now look what’s happened under my name! Clearly, I’ve been shanghaied!

I must disappear now, so as not to jeopardize the sasfefy of the rest of you.

Shanghied HA!

Admit it, you’ve become one of them. The worm has turned. You’re even starting to smell like them.

I knew we had a mole in our organisation. Information about this thread was leaking to charter members I have definite proof of this. Someone was telling them everything that was going on in this thread, every word that was said.

That’s why I launched this molehunt in the first place. Yes, this whole thing has been a trap to flush out my mole. Little did I think it would be you norinew, my most trusted lieutenant. Et tu Brute.

Message to other members of the Organisation:

We have been compromised, repeat, we have been compromised, Switch frequencies to alternate C…now. The new meeting point is Location X. The mission goes ahead as planned but we may need to make a few changes.

Ah em… to any members wandering in here, this is all just embroidery terminology. No need to worry. Yes embroidery terms can be quite revolutionary-sounding at times, just a coincidence. We are quite fanatical about our subject.

Our time is short, brothers, for I have heard rumors among these so-called members that most of our entire operation will either be subverted or quashed by twenty days after the Fool’s Day.

But I’ll keep a sharp eye, and watch my back.

For the Cause!