Guilty and / or embarassing pleasures

I’m just curious as to what y’all have as guilty and / embarassing pleasures. You know what I mean- things that you enjoy that you are a little bit guilty about, or would be (or are) embarrassed slightly if people knew. For example, fois gras is a guilty pleasure (not one of mine, but I can uderstand someone both loving it, and being appalled at how it is produced.) Singing Britney Spears (is she still a thing?) or Katy Perry as loud as you can in the shower, and you are a he-man uber-macho is an embarassing one- again, not mine, but you get the idea.

My guilty pleasure: Chick-Fil-A (NO, DO NOT DISCUSS WHETHER OR NOT I SHOULD EAT IT OR FEEL GUILT ABOUT IT-- THERE ARE PLENTY OF THREADS THAT DO SO: GO FIND ONE OF THEM FOR THAT!) I love the stuff. L O V E it. But, I have many gay friends and family members, and I just can’t eat it. Much. Once a year, max. And when I do, it sends thrills of pleasure down into my toes, and pangs of deep regret everytime I realize that I helped support such deeply anti-gay nonsense (AGAIN, this is not about Chick-Fil-A. I could just as easily said beef (It’s soooo good, but ya gotta kill an animal to get it, and a fairly intelligent one at that- compared to most).

My ‘embarassing’ pleasure? Notting Hill. The movie. I know, I know, it’s a chick-flick romantic comedy, and far from the best example of the genre (which I otherwise cannot stand). I am not dating, I am not a woman, and have been married for at least a third of my entire life. That said, I love this movie. I bough the DVD, then the boxed super-edition when it came out. I watch it every couple of months or so, (director’s commentary, and deleted scenes, too) and cry like a baby.

Like. A. Baby.

So, what’re yours?

Trashy true crime novels. So many good books out there by excellent writers … but every once in awhile I indulge in filling my head with sensationalistic crap …

Fits both: I write erotica. And read fanfic, though I rarely write it myself (but yes, occasionally, I do).


I like hotdogs with that spray on cheese with Hawaiian Punch for my drink. It’s so trashy, especially since I’m kind of a foodie, but about once a year when no one is looking I have me some EZ Cheeze dogs and some HP.

This message board.

As a guy who likes When Harry Met Sally type of chick flicks, I really like Notting Hill, too. And was totally embarrassed by a pro commercial director who is related to a friend of mine when we were discussing movies and I mentioned it as a well-rendered example of the genre. Always fun to be thoroughly dismissed. But a few years later he mentioned it to me - it was clearly a point where he decided he “got” me - because he was having trouble crossing over from commercials to movies and TV and was realizing the craft that went into NH. I won’t say I had the last laugh - he was still incredibly condescending - but it was interesting to hear him wrap his brain around it…

As a business executive in a leadership position of my company, I deal with BMW-driving, golf-loving, limited-music-knowledge types daily. Trying to mention almost any pop culture phenomenon is a minefield - the fact that I held up *Buffy the Vampire Slayer *as being worthy of discussion as a great series vs. *The Sopranos *has been almost career-limiting in its scope. And Og forbid something like Watchmen. So I am not embarrassed, but I have found myself in situations where folks are really expecting me to be embarrassed if that makes sense…

Mine? Reading Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar books. The ones where magical horsies befriend downtrodden or angsty teens.


I don’t get why I do it either. But I do.

Got any writing samples to share, Anaamika? And I don’t mean the fanfic stuff. :wink:

I’ll go on record saying that I have every intention of trying this ASAP.

If you really want to put yourself in a shame spiral: put the spray on cheese AND potato salad on the hotdog.

Yes, even clean ones, if you really like.

Romansperson, Anaamika I begrudge no-one their brain-candy or orgasms! At least you’re reading and creating stuff to read.

Speaking of mass-produced ‘cheese products’ and embarassing pleasures… I always have Velveeta in my fridge. I am a foodie, but I grew up on it (parents are NOT foodies, let’s put it this way: growing up, chili was made in my home with ground beef, a large can of kidney beans, a large can of tomato juice, and a teaspoon of years-old chili powder. Mom would even add sugar, " so it wasn’t too spicy." I’m not kidding :stuck_out_tongue: ) But, Og help me, I really like velveeta grilled cheeses, and on a burger, heaven. Elvis, I understand, did too.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of food taste, but still!

Home made mac & cheese is definitely better with a combination of cheeses that is at least 1/3 velveeta. I usually just go 1/2 Velveeta, 1/2 grated sharp cheddar.
Damn - now I gotta go boil some macaroni.

At Easter time, I secretly buy and snorf in the parking lot a package of virulent-yellow marshmallow Peeps. A six-pack of them is no big deal, calorie-wise, but everyone I know thinks they’re disgusting and childish. And I just love them.

I masturbate

I seem to enjoy watching those trashy “Real Housewives” shows when I’m hammered. Have no explanation for it. Straight male no less!


<Looks around to make sure SWMBO isn’t nearby>

Dairy Queen. A large steak finger basket, followed by a large chocolate lover’s Blizzard. Pure caloric heaven.

Copious amounts of Oreo Cakesters.

When I’m alone in the car, I sing along with my mp3 player. Loudly (and, no doubt, off-key).

On the increasingly rare occasion that no one else is home for dinner, I like to have cheddar cheese on crackers with salsa for dinner. We usually have whole-wheat Ritz crackers, so I figure that’s protein, dairy, whole grains, and a vegetable.

I like to watch the really crappy reality programming on cable, too. Shows about bridezillas, modern American Gypsies, hoarders…luckily, I’m rarely alone for long enough to get a dangerous overdose of them.

Oooh, ooh, I got a good one:

I watch RedEye on FoxNews as I’m going to bed each night. Greg Gutfeld is my homeboy. :o