Guilty and / or embarassing pleasures

I read and write erotica, but I also watch Judge Judy and People’s Court. :o

That’s too bad.

I am a 39 year old man who works hard to keep up an appearance of gruff culture snobbery. I will never admit to my wife or family that I love “Take It Off” by Kesha. God forgive me.

Even though I don’t believe in God anymore and I am horrified by some of what the Catholic church does, I still find beauty and comfort in the religous rituals I grew up with. I feel a little guilty about that.

Thats really neat. Can I ask how you both started? Ever write for Literotica? That’s my sex stories site.

Any I’m-a-moronic-child/teen-that-is-pregnant show I will watch. Even better if the teen is pregnant at the same time her mother is. My trashiest secret.

See, I can understand that. I’m 40 & grew up Catholic. In the years since I’ve left the church I’ve attended mass a few times for family or friends events and found all the responses conditioned into me as a child are still there and will catch myself mumbling along. When I notice I stop and curse Pavlov :slight_smile:

Guilty pleasure: Tinned sardines mushed up with a fork & mixed with white vinegar on hot, buttered, white toast.

Whenever I have a craving for it my wife just shakes her head and walks out of the kitchen.

Also, Roxette have some fine tunes. :cool:

I have ABBA and Dragostea din tei in my favourite songs playlist.

No shame! No shame! I troll folks on this very board, trying to find someone to send them to me come Easter time.

Yeah baby! I scored a box of 12 (Double Stuf, of course) last time I was in the US.

I don’t know if this is more embarrassing due to the inanity of the song, or that I’m at least 15 years too old for the target demographic, or the fact that I’m at least 4 years behind the pop culture curve, but… I can’t not dance to “Single Ladies.” It’s my kryptonite. If Lex Luthor ever needed to render me impotent, all he’d need would be a stereo and that song. I’d be too busy wiggling my ass to save the world.

Any documentary about conjoined twins. Don’t know why, I’m just fascinated by the concept.

I’m a pretty healthy eater. I eat maybe one donut a year, and that’s only if I’m in the car with my family and the kids are getting antsy and we’ve dragged them to furniture stores all day, and they deserve a reward. I don’t eat desserts, eat healthy breakfasts, exercise 5-6 days a week, birthday cakes go uneaten after the obligatory one piece, etc. But if you put a package of Oreos (regular, single-stuff) in front of me, I’ll eat a row of them without thinking about it. Maybe more, if my wife doesn’t put them away.

If I stumble across *Mr. Holland’s Opus *on TV, I have to watch it, and I’ll cry at least twice (when he does the sign-language “Beautiful Boy” at his son’s school [“beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… beautiful Cole”], and when his wife introduces him and his opus at the surprise ceremony the day he retires). Pass the Kleenex.

I have a few odd sexual fetishes, but I think that’s not this thread is about. Instead, I have a fascination with true crime, and punishment. I read all about it, try to visit crime scenes when I’m in the area (I drove by Gacy’s house), I watch all those prison documentaries and have visited two prisons, one operational and one defunct.

I’m a bit of a true-crime buff myself, and confess to some “guilty pleasure” shows, such as those about hoarding, or “World’s Dumbest ______” (TruTV) or “World’s Worst Tenants”.

I am a straight guy with interests that are gay-by-association - centering around the pre-WW2 era in pop music, clothing, design and material culture.

I am also a card-carrying foot fetishist online, but quite reticent about it in real life.

Someone said it upthread, but Judge Judy. Stupid, highly-editted, predictable, stupid, over the top, stupid.

When I can catch it I just love it! (and I’m too lazy to DVR it.)

Watching her verbally shred some drunken trailor trash or some smart-ass trying to put one over on her just gives me wood.

I am a foodie.

I enjoy multiple cuisines and prepare dishes from all over the world.

My tastes in food are elevated and sophisticated.

But don’t get between me and the fruit salad with the miniature multicolored marshmallows.

Yes, I do. Not under Anaamika, though. As to how I got started? I always wrote, always. I know I’m not great or fabulous but I entertain. I’ve loved writing since high school and maybe earlier.

I can’t remember who sent me to Lit but I’ve been writing & posting there for at least six or seven years. I volunteer edit too.

I really like American cheese. (The kind from the deli, not the plastic individually wrapped cheese product, okay? I do have standards.) I gladly eat cheese from all over the world, and love it, but American is my favorite cheese to put in a sandwich.

My mom was a very genteel lady with refined taste, but every once in a while she’d get a can of sweetened condensed milk and a spoon, and go to town. (If she was feeling decadent, she’d warm it up on the stove and add some pomegranate seeds and fresh lemon juice, but more often than not it was cold and from the can.) All of her siblings and friends ridiculed her for this ridiculous treat, but I’ve secretly inherited her liking for it (although I haven’t eaten it in years). It’s so sweet it burns your throat.

My favorite genre to read lately seems to be “young adult post-apocalyptic fiction”. As a guy on the cusp of 40, I am very much not the target audience for such books, but I eat 'em up anyway. In just the last year I’ve read the Tomorrow series, The Maze Runner, The Compound, the Chaos Walking series, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, the Hunger Games series, City of Ember, and I’m sure I’m forgetting lots more. Couple that with the YA urban fantasy, like Cirque du Freak, Demonata, Escape from Furnace, I Am Number Four, and so on, and I pretty much have the most non-intellectual reading list imaginable that doesn’t include Harlequin romances. And I bet I’d read those too if I was female.

Have you read the Goneseries Max? Sounds like your kind of thing :slight_smile:

I listen to Nickelback, okay?!

It’s formulaic, catchy and the lyrics are laughable, but I justify it by burning through it the first week, and rarely ever listen to it again.

It’s like the music equivalent of comfort food.

Speaking of, I love the hell out of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

That’s it. Everything else I do and love is considered universally cool.