Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! [Paris Hilton]

Paris Hilton to serve 45 days for probation violation.

I haven’t felt this happy since Nixon resigned–hmmm, gotta do somethin’ about that.

Between Anna Nicole, and all the other celebs and athletes in trouble finding something happy in current events these days is a full time job.

Are we only interested in scandal? Have we forgotten how to have a good time doing something positive?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Yeah, it’s pretty much the definition of schadenfreude for me. Hope she learns something from it.

Dear Paris,


Welcome to the world.


Doesn’t have quite the same ring as when it was addressed to John Mitchell.

How is this even news, much less “BREAKING NEWS!” on


Speaking of schadenfreude[, anybody else think Paris’s jail stay would make a very entertaining fifth season of Simple Life? :cool:

How long would an ordinary citizen get for that kind of parole violation? Would it be prison time, and longer than 45 days? :confused:

I’ve always wondered: What do we know about Paris Hilton “as a person” as they say?


Well, she has really, really big feet (size 11).

I’m on the fence about this. On the one hand, I’m glad the media no longer sugarcoats it when a famous person eff’s up. OTOH, they’re still getting attention for effing up, which to many of them is positive reinforcement.

And I would say, good that she has to suffer the consequences, but…what consequences? Oh noes, she’ll have a prison record! Now she’ll never get into the military…oh wait. She’ll never get a teaching license…oh wait. It’ll ruin her credit…oh wait. So in the long run, this really won’t hurt anything. Especially if they keep her out of gen pop, which I’m sure they will.

Does anyone know the answer to my queries?

Zabali, the penalty for driving while suspended (a misdemeanor) in Iowa is a $1,500 fine and up to a year in jail. If there’s another offense (Paris was speeding) the penalties are doubled.

I’ve never known of anyone going to jail for driving while suspended. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but from what I’ve seen, you need two or three DUI convictions to do jail time around here.

It wasn’t a parole violation, it was a probation violation. Punishment is handed out for these dependent on the extent of the violation. The court typically gives you two “freebies” (at least in my state) before they start demanding further treatment or increased probation time.

But getting slapped with 45 days for violating probation is HARSH. Especially since I’m assuming it was an alcohol related offense…typically, I believe, you’d just be pushed into more extensive treatment. That’s not GOOD, but it’s better than jail time.

Of course, I have no idea how she violated because I don’t give a rat’s ass what Paris Hilton is doing. If she smashed up a car and injured her passenger or self while driving drunk…then it is probably right in line with the norm. She’d have a new charge and not just the probation violation to deal with, so the jail time could have been for the new charge or some combination of the two.

If she simply got caught out partying and wasn’t breaking any laws, only violating the probation stipulation that she remain alcohol free, a normal citizen would get NO to very MINIMAL additional punishment for this.

It may be that she was given asentence, and offered probation as an alternative. When the rules are violated, the original sentence is re-imposed.

I don’t know if that is the case here.

:smack: Of course parole isn’t the same as probation! :o Still, I’m glad people were able to get the gist of my questions, and reply. I wonder if she really is getting a slap on the wrist in comparison to everyday citizens? I think so, a little at least. Though, I am glad she is getting time behind bars. She deserves it, maybe it will teach her she’s not above the law. ETA: Though, I still wonder what the penalties for probation violation would be for ordinary citizens in Paris’ jurisctiction? Since, there seems to be one poster saying “It could be worse for my state” and another saying “That’s HARSH!”? :confused:

So when does the reality series premiere? Who’s being cast as the warden and guards? When is the exercise-yard fight scene, complete with hairpulling? America wants to know.

Ooh, Paris in Prison. There could be a pay-per-view special.

My two cents:

::ahem:: Good! We should start treating more celebrities like the common public. Just because they appear in front of a damn camera don’t give 'em immunity.

A drunk Hasselhoff behind the wheel is just as dangerous as a drunk Joe Bob Baker. I don’t give a shit. Lock 'em up.

“Celebrity” is an addition to your title, which, amazingly enough is forbidden in the Constitution (titles of ‘nobility’).

Hilton was arrested for a DUI back in September. Her license was suspended for three years and she was ordered to sign up for an alcohol awareness class.

She was stopped while driving on January 15. She said she hadn’t known her license was suspended. She was let go with a warning and told to get it renewed. But she also signed a paper acknowleging that she had received the warning. Then she was stopped again on February 27 - she apparently hadn’t made any effort to get her license back and once again claimed that she was unaware of this despite the signed document which was still in her car. It was also found that Hilton had never signed up for the class she was ordered to take.

And while it’s not legally relevant, it probably didn’t help matters when she showed up late in court and when her mother openly laughed at the prosecuter during his opening statement when he said Hilton should go to jail.

I have to sympathize with the judge if he felt that Hilton was likely to simply ignore any penalty other than jail time.

While I do think it would be nice if we could actually believe that celebrities are treated the same by the justice system as poor folks are, I’ll be very surprised if she actually ends up going to jail. I’m sure her lawyers will figure out something during the appeal process.