Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! [Paris Hilton]

Is there any chance of a Presidential pardon here?
It’d be great fun to watch the various factions bloviate over whether Paris should have been pardoned, and also a major distraction from serious news. With proper handling, a Paris pardon dustup could consume the major news channels for months on end.

I hear that means she has a large penis.

Bubba won’t take kindly to that.

Her mother bitched out the prosecutor very publicly. You don’t do that to the ruling class.

Her mother IS a member of the ruling class. HILTON – heard of the family?

Yea, of course her lawyer is going to appeal the sentence. I believe he was already calling it a travesty of justice or some such. I really do hope she ends up behind bars…

I’m happy to see something like this. There have been a lot of high-profile cases in Thailand of wealthy brat children getting into trouble and then getting let off as a matter of course. One even shot and killed a police officer in a crowded pub in front of witnesses 5 1/2 years ago. He got off scot-free eventually. Whenever a Martha Stewart or Paris Hilton goes to jail, it serves as a good example to the justice system here, and there are always lots of Letters to the Editor pointing it out.

I feel sorry for the jail that gets her. They’ll probably bust their budget for extra security to handle the “news people” hanging around.

I wonder if they have any leeway about where to put her. If they ship her off to a small town with few amenities, maybe the cameras would stay away.

Guantanamo Bay should be very safe and secure.

Or Abu Graib – is it still open?

Britney Spears with more money and a case of the herps. Google “Paris hilton exposed” for more than you ever wanted to know about the twat.

some people will do ANTHING for publicity…

some people will do anything WITH Publicity…

Look for a faux reality series “Paris in Chains” or something… she will tuck away another 15 million… not bad for 45 days in a celebrity luxury prision… just imagine what the interviews will sell for…


It’s not a federal crime. Der Arnold could pardon her, though.

It amazes me, the whole “starlet”*/alcohol/drugs/rehab thing. Here are these young 20-something millionaires, barely old enough to enjoy a legal glass of wine in a restaurant, and they’re already getting into so much trouble that they need rehab and penal correction.

*I hate that word starlet, but it seems now to mean exactly the sort of celebrity I mean.

I may have asked this before and just forgotten the answer. Is she related to Nicky Hilton – Elizabeth Taylor’s first husband?

The judge specifically ordered that Hilton must go to a regular jail for DUI offenders and cannot go to a pay-to-stay cell.

Paris’ grandfather, William Barron Hilton, was Conrad “Nicky” Hilton’s brother.


Are you kidding? This is some of the best news since… well, I’m drawing a blank here.

Oh this is so great, I am embarrassed by how excited this makes me.

I know it’s easy to say something like, “Well, if she’s that annoying just ignore her.” But personally for the casual everyday Joe Somebody living in the US she has been shoved down our throats for the past 3-4 years. I do not watch the simple life, I do not buy gossip rags, and I do not buy any of her products. Instead I’m a guy who likes to watch baseball games on TV, hang out in bookstores, drive around, and go to work. Still, I am overloaded by Paris “The Attention-Whoring Slut” Hilton anyways. She’s on multiple commercials during breaks on TV programs. She’s on 12 magazine covers when I’m standing in line to buy groceries. Advertisements for her clothing and perfume are in the stores I shop in. And her face is on websites, including news ones I frequent. Just as this story makes breaking news on CNN, so are the umpteen million other ones she’s in.

I know in the end this will only make her even more the celebrity, so all the things I bitched about will not go away for 45 days, but for this one little moment I can smile for someone finally standing up to this pampered brat and telling her that there will be a consequence to the things she does.

She’s 26. Plenty old enough to be treated like the adult she is.

And plenty old enough to know what penal correction is. Or something.