Guitar: Beware Of The Blob chords?

What are the chords to Beware Of The Blob? I’ve googled, and I’ve found D, A, A7 but that doesn’t sound right. D, C, G sounds almost right (D D D D-D-D C C G G C C) but not quite.

Then it changes to a different progression, but I don’t quite remember how it goes.

You can hear it here:

It starts off in D# actually and sounds to me like:
D# D#sus2 A#m C#addG C# repeat

Easier to play with a capo, of course:
D Dsus2 Am CaddG C


Repeat that 7 times and hold on the D


And then the horn gets “honky”
Em A7 Em A7
D7 A7 D7 A7
Em A7 Em A7
D (pop)

Em A7 Em A7
D7 A7 D7 A7
Em A7 Em A7
D (pop)

Then modulate up one 1/2 step from D# to E
That sounds about right to me.

Thanks. I just got off work, so I’ll try it a little later.


Now all you need is a friend to do handclaps and pop his cheek like a champagne cork.

It seems like an ideal song to play on ukulele, given its silly lightheartedness.

stpauler: I’ve tried playing the first part using your post. (Thanks for the numbers, BTW. I didn’t know how to make a Dsus2 or CaddG.) You’re a much better player than I, but when I try it your way I can’t get it to sound right. I’m assuming the D, Dsus2, Am are chords that you’re hearing where I’m just playing the D? I do hear it, but I’ve always had trouble with those sorts of chord changes for some reason. But you’ve solved the ‘it doesn’t sound right’ problem I was having. Instead of a G I use your CaddG. That did it.

I’ll need to listen to the song some more before I try the other bits, since it’s a little difficult to hear the guitar for the horn.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

No problem. I used an MP3 of the song which actually was a little different than the youtube version (it didn’t go into the verse after the first run). It’s hard to notate this song on this board, but let me try (and there’s a bit of hammer on/pull off for the high E string):

—D–D-U–U--D–U—D---D----U—U---D—D (strum direction)

Heh. I came into this thread to find out what a “Blob chord” is and why I should beware of it.

I shall :smack: myself now.

Stpauler, the chord you have defined as a C/G is actually just a C with an extra 5th at the top. It’s not an inversion, which is what a C/G would suggest (i.e. it doesn’t have the G below the C).

Yeah, I listed it above as CaddG but it didn’t fit when I tried to put it in tab. It’s hard to name it since a C chord already includes a G and I just wanted to have it be discernible from the C.

I think it might technically be an add13.