Guitar players and metal heads what do you think of this solo?

Darkest Hour - The Tides. Should take you straight to the solo. I’m a lifelong metal head and guitar player and I think this is the greatest metal solo of the last 10 yrs. The pick sweeping is awesome and fits the song perfectly.

If you have other favs link to them here so I can hear them.

Very nice, I agree. I’ve never heard of these guys. I kind of thought they sounded like Helloween until the singer started in.

Did you watch the video of the kid playing this solo? He likes like he’s about 15 and he can play better than I can, and I’ve been playing for 25 years. It’s depressing. I need to practice sweeps, I guess.

I’m not an expert in the genre, but that solo leaves me cold. this, however (Dragonforce - Through The Fire and the Flames . . . solo starts right at 4:00), rocks my socks; it has interest, melody, and direction over the length of the solo.
Or, this (Dream Theater - Voices, solo at 7:15), which is one of my favorite guitar solos ever. Great energy and speed, but it still grooves with the slower tempo.

I do like this. Weirdly, though, it reminds me of this old Dave Edmunds rework of Bizet’s Farandole, which I swear (if you’re a guitar player) will get your fingers moving:

That is pretty mean and I do hear the similarity.

Pretty sweet…I myself am a fan of the sweeps; check out this excerpt from Santiago Dobles’ (Aghora) instructional video

Yngwie cyborgs are dead except to a few guitarist trekkies. Its all about the song and not the solo now, thankfully.

And I absolutely love guitar shredding. But its difficult to place within the context of a popular hard rock song. Has anyone ever done it? Serious question.

What guitar virtuoso has recorded a top-40 hit that features sweep-picking? Not that it matters much, I like it anyway.

But most of “our” guitar heroes are virtuoso players that lack a good band and/or singer and not one of them AFAICT wrote a really memorable song that includes lyrics. Not Vai, not Satch, not Yngwie, not anyone.

Somebody set me straight.