Guitarists: A Lesson on How it's Done...

with your mouth!

(link to video of a guy who can sound like a guitar…)


Sounds like he’s using humbuckers on a Gibson scale guitar - but I think his bridge pickup is a bit too hot for his rig…;):cool:

Ha, that’s hilarious. It’s nice that the other guitarists helped cover that this guy has a range of about an octave. I was surprised they didn’t try a few licks of harmony.

I remember doing this exact thing, and its pretty easy to pull off. I just plugged a instrument level mic straight into a TS9 Tube Screamer and from there to an amp. Then just cup your hand around the your mic, stuff it in your face, and experiment. With a little practice it sounds just like Jimi with the Fuzz Face on 11. This guy added some delay, but that’s not essential.

I heard a really awesome a cappella group called Kickshaw doing this kind of thing at our local annual festival a few years ago (and I bought their CD). The CD notes state, “All sounds on this recording were originally produced by the human voice and mouth.” But they’ve run many of the sounds through various effects and the result is astonishing - in many places they sound like a full band of real instruments.

When I saw them performing live, outdoors, the guy playing “bass” was clearly running through an octaver at times. They performed a “techno trance” number, and this guy went so low that he set off a nearby car alarm :stuck_out_tongue: