Anyone know how to make sounds like this?

First off, i think this band is amazing, been listening to them for a long time.

But they doomed to the underground and thats probably the best, so i cant find tabs anywhere.

Im curious about the third instrument in the song, i hear drums, a guitar, and then some sort of weird…almost belching instrument.

Ive tried making this sound with my guitar, i just loosened the strings quite a bit, but it did not quite replicate the sound.

Any ideas?

Am I being wooshed? Those are Cookie Monster Vocals ™.

Try this one

Its a little more clear. The instrument that starts off the song.

The instrument that starts off the song is a bass guitar, with the tape slowed down.

It’s very common in that style of music to slow down the tape so that everything is pitched lower and sounds more brutal.

You can actually pitch down without slowing down the music, and can even do it live, especially with instruments like electric bass/guitars where you can’t really hear the original pitch.

I believe there are amps that do it, but, if you just want to hear the effect, plug up your amp (at a rather low volume) to the line in on your computer, unmute it in the sound card settings, and apply the pitch shifter that comes with even the built in cards nowadays.

Or just do it with a recording, I guess. But that’s less fun.

Severely detuned bass.