Anyone able to name the insturments in this song?

I’m looking for the name of a piece of music. Since it’s production music rather than one by a mainstream artist, it will be nearly impossible to find however I could search for it through the specific instruments used.

Any musically talented dopers mind telling me how many instruments and what they might be?

Vocals - 30 seconds

No Vocals - 5 seconds

It’s electronic. The only actual instrument is a keyboard.

You’re not going to like this, but it’s possible there are no instruments on that track aside from the computer (with a sound card) it was programmed to.

Or, it could be one multi-voice keyboard with different “patches” being controlled remotely.

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Electronic instruments are still instruments. Even computers.

I think there’s a highly processed electric guitar in there, too. But it can go either way.

Of course. But they are not going to add up to a list that will get the OP to the name of the piece.

I only hear guitars, one with a delay effect, one with a reverb effect. If it’s one “instrument” a pro studio musician would probably use a Strymon TimeLine.

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I only hear guitars, one with a delay effect, one with a reverb effect. If it’s one “instrument” a pro studio musician would probably use a Strymon TimeLine.


Yeah, I’m inclined to say that’s what it is. In the second clip, I thought it may be some kind of tabla-like instrument providing the rhythm, but from the first clip, it does seem to be a guitar with a delay effect on it. So, after listening more, I’ll be a little stronger in my opinion than in my first reply. I mean, it can probably be synthesized, but I do think it’s all processed guitar.

I agree the music is synthetic - but if you’re looking for a real-world instrument that sounds sort of similar, you could check out the Tubulum (although I think the linked examples in the OP have a bit of ‘plucked string’ quality in the mix too.

I was lurking the forums and just registered to answer this question. The sound you hear in that piece is composed of:

  1. Clean percussive guitar with dotted 8th note delay playing the main riff
  2. Monophonic synthesizer playing the same the notes as instrument number 1, at the start of every two measures, with dotted 8th note delay and log feedback
  3. Mono synth with deep reverb playing pads starting at 0:10
  4. Overdriven guitar with reverb playing octave chords at 0:15
  5. Single bass drum kick at 0:20
  6. Cymbal and shaker starting at 0:20

Also, instrument number 2 takes over the main riff at 0:20, and instrument number 4 becomes lead at 0:27. I hope that satisfied your curiosity about this sound piece. If you are interested in this kind of organic sounding electronic music I can point you at some artists.

Welcome to the boards, spiralparadox, and thanks for your detailed breakdown. Stick around, we could use more analysis like that. Are you professionally involved in the music industry or a dedicated amateur musician?

A couple of songs with similar guitar and added delay effect:

“Could You Be Loved” - Bob Marley
“The Happiest Days of Our Lives” - Pink Floyd

Thanks for welcoming me. I’ve been involved in the music industry semi-professionally but now am branching out into sound art. I’ll sure stick around, the threads on this forum are so diverse!

Yes! Those songs feature the same kind of ‘dotted 8th note’ delay, present in OPs clips. One favourite of mine is ‘Good Day Sunshine’ by Slowdive.

Wow thanks…do you by any chance have methods of searching for a piece of production music using the instruments or genre? not much else I have to go on…

I might start with this guy.

The second one is a BBC clip, so I’d check in with him.