Help me identify this pop instrumental please

I’m not exactly sure when it came out. I’m thinking early to mid 80’s, but it could be from the late 70’s.

It sounds to me that it’s mostly a xylophone and synthesizer.

This will be silly, but I’ll try to give you an idea of what it sounds like. The first part will be what I think is the xylophone part, medium high tone, and then the part in bold will be the synth, which is a much deeper tone.

Doooo doooo do do do do doooo doooo do do do

Any chance it’s Music Box Dancer from 1979? Although the high part isn’t a xylophone, it’s an electric piano.

Nope, sorry. That’s a great instrumental, but that’s not it. Thank you for the guess though.

Could it be Popcorn by Hot Butter? It was a minor hit in 1972.

No, but that gave me a smile. I’ve heard that plenty of times before, but never knew what it was called. Thank you.

Can you remember whether the singer is male or female? All YouTube links below.

Gone Daddy Gone- Violent Femmes
Rock Lobster- B-52’s

Cruel Summer- BANANARAMA

Change- Tears for Fears

Clues-Robert Palmer

It’s an instrumental, so there is no singer.

Crap, now I’m stuck with all these earworms. I thought you meant the xylophone kicked in during an insturmental part.

Yadig by the James Gang?

I got nuthin’.

Alan Parsons Project, Sirius

Or perhaps Jean Michel Jarre, Oxygene

Aha! This might be it.

Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells.





I’m beginning to wonder if there is no xylophone and maybe it’s a xylophone like sound made on a synthesizer.

Abandoning the xylophone, perhaps the Axel F Theme?

This is REALLY reaching and I doubt you’d have heard it…

Pieces of Eight by Neil Peart.

It was released on, god help me, a flexidisc single in a copy of Modern Drummer magazine back in 1987. I’ve got it around here somewhere. It does focus a lot on xylophone (and similar) with a lot of synthesizers.

But likely not.

Fire on High by ELO? check out the 2:55 mark.

It’s older then the 80’s, there’s no xylophone and I’ve never been good at reading ‘do do dos’ so it probably doesn’t match that…but I thought I’d toss Take Five in the ring anyways.

It’s not Booker T and the MG’s Green Onions, is it?

It doesn’t have a xylophone, it’s from the wrong century, and it goes “me me me” instead of “do do do”, but could it be Beaker from the Muppets performing the Ode to Joy?

Seriously, I think we need a bit of help if we are going to pin this down. Where did you hear it? TV? Radio? A film? Is there anything you associate with it that might help us pin down the time period? How old were you when you heard it? Is it a long piece? Is there percussion? Any sound effects?

Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein, perhaps?

These are all great instrumentals, but none of them are what I’m thinking of.