Guitarists: for the Douchebag who has Everything...

…I give you: Aston Martin guitars(link to website)…

It is one thing to be a James Bond fan. It is another to get wealthy enough to afford a cool DB5 (or whatever model Aston Martin cars are up to these days). It is another to get a matching guitar, that offers no real value other than a logo prominently displayed on the body of the guitar that matches the car…

We really need a emoticon of Smiley with his face in his hands for the SDMB…

Did you see a price? At first, I thought the logo under the photo said “Would you pay anything less?”, which I thought was pretty hilarious.

That’s pretty cool!

But what if I’m more of a used Yugo man?

On the thread on The Gear Pagewhere I first saw this, someone has posted that the guitar - which apparently has a graphite/resin body - is $11,000…

…that is just so many kinds o’ stoopid.

Just out of curiosity, what is the price range for a basic professional guitar?

I smell a lawsuit from the (C.F.) Martin folks.

They can’t have payed more than a quarter of that for the site. In 1998. Jeez.

One of the guitars in the gallery looks like its made of Legos.


That’s a contentious and complicated issue. I know of many, many guitarists who play professionally with guitars from all price ranges. I’ve played for money with my $150 Ibanez POS. Jack White plays a lot of old Teisco and similarly low-end guitars, and I don’t think anyone would refer to him as anything but “professional”.

A lot of people don’t consider a guitar “professional grade” at least up until you get to the, say, Fender American Standard price point, which is around $1000 or so. Most of these types aren’t really convinced it’s pro grade until you get AT LEAST to Fender Custom Shop prices, or Gibson standard prices (anywhere from $2000 to $4000).

SOME turn their noses up at anything less run-of-the-mill than a hand-built custom luthier special, like a Suhr or a Tom Anderson or something.

Me, I think that’s all a serious load of bullshit. A good guitar player can make most anything sound good.

Nuthin’ to add to what **Ogre **said.