Gulf of Mexico Sea/Weather conditions for 3/12/11

Looking for recent weather conditions for the center of the Gulf of Mexico for the early morning hours of Saturday 3/12/2011.

LAT LONG of 28dN and 88dW for 1am on 3/12/2011 would be a good starting point.

I my Wife and lots of friends where on a cruise ship that I believe had mechanical problems. I want to make sure that it could not be attributed to high seas. IOW’s I need a cite.

The ship we where on averaged 11.5 knots for a 32 hour period making us very, very late to port causing us to have to get a hotel, and miss a flight.

If it was mechanical, and not weather, we can get reimbursed.

Not having much luck finding it myself…

Have you played around with NOAA’s National Buoy Data Center database yet? For example, here is a text list of observations made by the BP Thunder Horse production platform, at 28.191N, 88.496W. The linked observations currently go back to 1/31/11, and show wind speed, direction, wave height, wave period and temperature.

Very good. Thanks Gray Ghost. Looks pretty calm for last Saturday. Wave heights less than a meter. Certainly nothing that would bother an 800 foot ship. I’ll look at other Bouy’s