Gulf war or Cold war?

I dunno, but from what I have been observing it seems more like our constant ‘threat’ of war is as far as it will go.

It seems to me that this may turn into a cold war, and in all honesty I hope it does.

-x out

I can’t see it. What does anyone gain from a cold war? On the ‘allied’ side, you don’t address economic uncertainty, and you’d have a public wondering why nothing is happening when their leadership has made such a drama over Iraq.

To my mind, a cold war implies that both sides are unwilling to fight because of the potential losses; I just don’t see that in this situation. IMHO - and this is just an opinion - the UK and US are just waiting for an opportune moment to strike.

Well, didnt they have 9/11 as a time to strike?

In all honesty I am not sure if they will, unless there is provocation by Sadams forces.

The UK and US cant really move without the support of the UN. So until that happens I do belive it is a coldwar.

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