Guliani's son sues Duke after he is cut from golf team - Does he have a case?

Giuliani’s son sues Duke, says he was wrongfully kicked off golf team

Seems on the face of it like he’s just a huge cryababy. Aren’t college athletes cut from teams all the time?

You can’t sue me!

OK, seriously. He was the 12th best player out of 13. He was not a scholarship player. Coach decides to shrink the team from 13 to 7. Adios, amigo.

Is this the same little shit who was mugging it up for the cameras many years ago when his pa was being sworn in as mayor of New York?

Little bastard. I could tell he wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans.

It sounds like it was handled poorly and in a really petty fashion by all involved. I would hate to be the judge assigned to this molehill.

Oh, crazy little Giuliani kid … how I love your various tantrums. Never change, and please don’t stop alerting the media. You had me from your very first live televised meltdown.

The golf team?

Holy f&ck, what some people will do to feel like they’re part of something.

Yeah, the same little shit who was correcting his father during the inaugural address. He still hasn’t grown up.

Barely. According to the article:

Yeah, sounds like it was pretty important to him. :rolleyes:

This is a year old or so actually. Because I vaguely remembered theapple part:

Didn’t he also call a press conference when his dad was in the presidential race to talk about how he didn’t want to talk about how he doesn’t talk to his dad? He seems like a total Elvis Villain (i.e. the spoiled rich guy with Roman numerals whose family owns the country club/resort/country where Elvis works but Elvis gets the guy’s girl).

In fairness, I think he competed in so few tournaments because he was a crappy player and the coach only played him a few times. It is sort of like how the bench warmers on a basketball team only get to play when you are up by 30 or down by 30…

What sort of BS is that? Fire the coach too.

This is a lawsuit for the right to play golf for free while he is still a student at Duke.

Later, he will probably sue the University for “conspiring” not to allow him to graduate.

A right that Carrie Prejean’s grandfather fought for under Patton!

FTR…The article is 10 months old.

Not being a Gothamite, I hadn’t heard about this. Details?

Here are a couple of stills:

He was goofing around during Giuliani’s speech.
And the SNL version :slight_smile:

If I ever had any respect for Giuliani, I’ve lost it now.

Because of the combover? I know, it’s horrible.