Gum scaling question (slight TMI?)

I had my gums scaled this week at the dentist, and for the first day or so they were a little sore, but not too bad. Yesterday, they hurt more, especially in the area where my gums meet my cheek and lips. This morning, I have several (3-4) small white bumps that look like fever blisters in that area.

I occasionally get fever blisters and they go away on their own. Could the gum scaling have “stirred up” the virus and caused these blisters? Or, is it something different entirely?

I’ve been gargling with salt water, and have a call in to my dentist. Since it’s the weekend, I do not know when he will get back to me. Should I be concerned? Should I seek medical treatment before I hear from him? Has anyone else ever experienced this? Any other suggestion for relief?