Gun and grenade attack in Belgian downtown area

Some number of men armed with grenades and automatic weapons attacked a crowd of ordinary people in the downtown central square of Liege, Belgium. Early reports say two killed and 64 wounded. The news is still understandably quite chaotic.

No idea yet why or who these people were. Apparently they’re still at large.

Do we have any Belgian Dopers in that area that we should worry about?

It seems it was one single man who afterwards killed himself with a hand grenade. He was known by the police for drug related crimes.

Wow. Shows how hard it can be to get a handle on facts early on.

An interesting aspect of our modern world is that there look to be at least ten people on Facebook with this guy’s name. I guess those poor people have to put up some status updates saying “Wasn’t me!”

Oh, B*****m! :eek: :frowning: