Gun owners: Barrel jeweling.

Of all the millionsix guns I’ve owned, I’ve never had or even seen a gun with a jeweled barrel. I think it looks sharp, especially on a dark gun, like my Glock.

Have any of you had this, or even seen it in person? How does it wear? Does it scratch easily? I shoot my pistols alot…at almost once a week.

I’m assuming they don’t jewel the entire barrel, just the visible area, similar to jeweling the bolt on a bolt action rifle. It doesn’t scratch too much as it is not a coating, just a type of polishing, similar to valve grinding. Wherever you have metal to metal contact, you will eventually see some “wear”, but on the chamber area of a handgun, you should have very little, if any.

Pretty neat look though:)

That is a very attractive look on a handgun. I think it would be a striking complement to a pistol that has some of the newer machine work done on it, like “snakeskin / fish scale” or scalloping or stippling. If you like, I can provide photos or links to those kinds of treatments. I have a stainless Springfield Armory Champion that has some machining on the exterior, including stippling on the MSH (main spring housing) and backstrap, and I really like the feel. Some maching turning (jewelling) would make it look purty, but this pistol ain’t for show.

Yeah! Post them or send them to my email.

I’ll tell you all a story…
I’m a former full-time police officer, I quit to become a security consultant (more money), but I’ve been working the last decade as a patrolman part-time for a police department. Being part-time I have to provide my own duty weapon. About 6 months ago I retired my old Ruger 9mm and switched to a Sig P229 2-tone .40cal. That Sig was awesome!
But it was still a little too big to carry concealed…especially in the summer. So I found myself carrying a Glock 27 off duty (which is most of the time, seeing I only work the cop gig part-time). I like to be a “one gun man”, so I got the little adapter that lets me carry the Glock with the high capacity magazines in a duty holster. It looks like an extension of the grip. On duty-15 rounds, off duty concealed-9 rounds, same gun. This little Glock is the same size as alot of .380’s, but packs more punch.
I installed a chrome magazine release, and a chrome slide release (to jazz up the looks). But now I’m thinking of this barrel jeweling. I can’t believe I’ve never seen a gun with it, after all these years you’d think I’d of seen at least one!:smack:

Anyway, after qualifying with this Glock with 1000 rounds, I’ve fallen in love with it.
Even with the smaller mags in, it shoots like a dream. Almost no recoil, even with 180grain rounds!
I own so many guns (including those in my dealership that are for sale) and this one has become my favorite!
What else can I do to make it pretty?

A pretty Glock? I think that’s an oxymoron, pkbites. Are you sure those parts are chrome? They’re prolly nickel or stainless steel. Not that I’m trying to disagree with an officer of the law, mind you… Anyway, here’s a photo of “snakeskin / fish scale”

And here’s a photo of scalloping

And here’s a photo of stippling

And finally, here’s a photo of good, old-fashioned checkering

Am I gonna get in trouble for posting these photos?

I don’t know if all these types of machining can be done on your Glock, pkbites. I personally think that a jeweled barrel hood and the snakeskin texture would look nice on your Glock. If the slide release and mag release are stainless and not plated, those would look nice jeweled, also. Perhaps the jewelling can be done even on plated parts.

The gentleman that the links refer to is a wizard with pistols of all kinds. His craftsmanship is evident in all the photos on his website. I am especially fond of his treatments of the smaller 1911A1-style pistols.

Well, they look chrome. And the
company I bought them from says their chrome.
Maybe their “faux” chrome.

Godd pictures though, by the way.