Gun Owners question on Shipping.

I am going to purchase a shotgun from a forum member at glocktalk. He lives in Fort Worth I live in Houston. I don’t know if i will have the time off to take the drive up there, so we are considering shipping it. My question is can he ship it to me directly or does it have to go to a FFL. I have purchased a shotgun over the net before and it had to go to a FFL, but that was from Ohio. is the law different if we live in the same state and it is a longun not a handgun?

If I am wrong I’m sure someone will come along and correct me, as far as I recall:

If it’s a private sale, no FFL is required.
Your only shipping option is Fedex Overnight, OOPS is scared of guns.


Private sales withing the SAME state, may be shipped from buyer to seller with no FFL involved.

unclvny, the OP actually has a few more options since this is a long gun and not a handgun. You can ship shotguns, rifles, and antique “curios and relics” via US Post Office. 18 USC 921. But I wouldn’t bother jumping through their hoops. You could use UPS or FedEX. They both have different restrictions. UPS should allow a long gun to be shipped ground. The don’t require next day air on long guns.

I think that both UPS and FedEX will only allow shipments of firearms to or from a licensed dealer though. But I’ve still used them for my private intrastate sales. Keep in mind, their restrictions are part of their own Terms of Service. These are not laws. If you took your shotgun to UPS and labeled it “Finished Metal Product” and mailed it ground to some guy in your state, you are not committing a crime. You are only violating a portion of the UPS Terms of Service. And that, of course, is only if they find out.

yeah, I kinda figured it was something like that. the one purchased online was from an internet store and from out of state so it had to go FFL. but this is from a private dealer to me. cool i will let him know and maybe i can have it by friday.

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i live on the northwest side. hey don’t knock my glock it is one of those special glock 7’s made out of ceramic, just like in die hard.

In California, all firearms transactions must go through a dealer. (Unless there’s a loophole for “curios and relics” – which are strictly defined.) The dealer will charge a fee for the service, the DoJ will charge their transaction fee, and the dealer will hold the firearm for ten days. California also has a limit of one gun purchase per 30-day period. Last time I was in a sporting goods store there, they had a sign that said state law required you to produce a utility bill to prove you were really a resident. (Apparently a state-issued driver’s license wasn’t good enough.) AFAIK, you can still get black powder guns through the mail.

damn, that would suck. must be why all the gun forums i visit refer to is as Kalifornia.