Gun toting soccer mom dead.

No, not really funny – but am I the only one who noticed this happened in Lebanon…?

*Yes, I know it’s Lebanon PA. Still.

You fucking idiot. You think it’s funny that someone who was a public supporter for the right to carry arms was shot in front of their children, by their husband, who then killed himself.

That’s just fucking shameful, you cock.

Man, and she couldn’t even get to her gun and defend herself. At least get a shot off while you’re dying, out of self-respect!

Because you’re an ass?

Giggling over this? That’s beyond fucked up.

It’s actually much funnier, but he told it wrong.

People who did what she and her husband did WRT open carrying in grotesquely inappropriate social circumstances are both fetishizing guns and (IMO) mentally off balance. This combo rarely ends well.

Always remember, unarmed gun nuts don’t kill people.

As a matter of fact, nothing you said here is true, and it rarely ends badly, otherwise this would not be newsworthy.

In other words, you are totally off-base. Why don’t you save your insults for someone who actually deserves them?

Yeah, yeah. There was a similar quote in the linked news article, from a neighbor. The only problem with that is it makes no sense. Maybe she tried to defend herself but couldn’t. Maybe she didn’t have her gun by her side in the house because she thought, no matter how much she and her husband had been arguing, he wouldn’t harm the mother of his own children. (And if that’s the case, she was not the first to make that mistake, nor will she be the last.) Maybe the whole gun thing was really about politics and not protection for her. We don’t know what happened. What we do know is that a gun is not a magical protection device that repels all harm - and neither is anything else.

I realize there’s a certain “who lives by the sword shall die by the sword” irony going on here, but when three children are orphaned and at least two of them saw something no one, least of all a child, should ever have to see… I’m not finding a whole lot of humor.

Would you at least agree with the “open carrying in grotesquely inappropriate social circumstances” sentiment? I have to agree with astro here, attending a five-year-old’s soccer game with a pistol on your hip is some weird acting out.

Yeah, and I’m thinking about the old “when all you have is a hammer, every problem’s a nail” saw here. Why go for counseling when you can just reach for the holster?

Count me in with the people who think this is highly inappropriate and unfunny.

Legal or not, openly carrying a firearm at a childrens’ soccer game displays a remarkable lack of brain function.

As someone who open carries quite a bit, I would actually have to agree with you here. Even when I know it’s legal, there are places where I choose not open carry (I CC instead).

I acronym stuff I do, too, to show people I’m in the know.

Crafter, you’d have shot back if you’d been attacked by her husband, wouldn’t you? I know I would have. I’da been CC’ing and have shot back before he even shot me.

Let the record show that at 10:02 am on Friday, October 9, 2009, RNATB and Crafter_Man agreed on something.

End of universe in 5, 4, 3, 2…

A BCC might be more effective, don’t you think?

Tragedy all around…

I forgot who said it first, but it’s a wonderful sentiment:

“Anyone can pull off a murder-suicide. How about you really challenge yourself, and try for a suicide-murder instead?”

Unless I’m missing something, the picture in the linked article shows her carrying around kids without a safety strap on the holster. It’s an inappropriate place to carry, and an inappropriate way to carry.

But you giggling over a murder-suicide like that really makes you an asshole.

I’m all for dark humor and all, but WTF??? If I had watched my dad kill my mom and then kill himself, I’d probably need at LEAST a year’s worth of therapy. Who gives a shit whether she was a gun nut or an anti-gun zealot. It’s still pretty fucked up to laugh over a tragedy like that when you have three kids involved.

It’s a shame you posted this – you just denied me the pleasure of telling you to go straight there.


I’m not sure what you mean. Yeah, most gun owners don’t shoot their spouses. Most gun owners also don’t feel the need to carry a gun to a kid’s soccer game. Those who do are a bit off their rock, and crazy people with guns DOES often end badly.

Is it okay if I make fun of her for being fat and badly dressed instead? I mean, look at that outfit! Horrible on it’s own merits, even without the wildly inappropriate accessorizing.