Gun toting soccer mom dead.

Blind carbon copy, as in e-mail. He was riffing on the use of “CC’ing” to refer to concealed carry above.

It’s darkly humorous because this would seem to be the kind of situation that people who support gun rights argue that we need to be allowed to carry guns for–to defend ourselves from other armed people who are trying to kill us. It’s not “crazy woman had it coming,” it’s “well isn’t that ironic.”

Emotionally and psychologically stunted hillbillies, the type of people who feel compelled to carry guns around a youth soccer game (which I’m SURE was only for protection against the roving axe murderers that plague America), end up dead in a murder-suicide shooting.

Color me surprised.

Look, if you don’t know the gun-nut acronyms, don’t even try to play. We’ll get all 2AOYA.

I, for one, do not support blind people carrying a concealed weapon.

Oh noes! Someone thinks something’s funny, and I don’t! BURN HER!

Y’all don’t really think I’m going to apologize for a fleeting feeling of morbid humor, do you? Please.

But not so fleeting, perhaps. In related news, I came across these two stories earlier this morning. One made me chuckle, the other made me guffaw. Please assign whichever response offends you the most to the appropriate article.


Yeah, you’re missing something. That looks like a retention holster- it has a lock on the inside that holds the gun in. They usually have a button that you push with your thumb to unlock the gun.

Those are hilarious. Not coincidentally, they don’t involve children watching Daddy shoot Mommy in the head.

See how this works?


Ah. I should have known that. :smack:

It’s also unfortunate in that some idiots will see this as an argument for gun control. I think what makes it funny for some people is the internal validation they hold for their particular belief.

It’s just tragic, not funny at all.

But her kid’s team got the benefit of the doubt from the refs.

I only see it as an argument for Darwinism, and it validates my particular beliefs about the kind of people who wear tiny age-inappropriate hair clips with their Glocks. Now the hair, that’s tragic.

Yes, and some idiots will see the United States death by gunshot statistics as evidence that guns are dangerous, too.

Or that people who own guns are more likely to be shot than people who don’t own them. Or that people who own guns are more likely to be shot by their own gun than by any other gun.

I don’t even follow that logic. What the hell are those idiots thinking? Of course, it’s the same people that argued that because people who happened to be wearing seat belts were less likely to die in car crashes, higher seat belt use would lead to a lower death rate in car crashes.

Hey, a lot of idiots used her as an argument for gun rights— who says you can’t be all things to all people?

Well, not all things to all people–now she can’t be a mother to those kids*. And he’s not a dad any longer. My, guns helped that family-- they protested the ruling (and I can see their rights in principle), and got lots of publicity so that now what would have been a small paragraph relating a horrible tragedy has become fodder for public forums. Way to go, Mom and Dad! And I’m sure Nancy Grace and her ilk will follow these children through their therapy and messed up lives. Happiness all around! I do admit to seeing the irony in this story here, sad though it is.
I’m not really blaming the gun(s) for all this awfulness; I am blaming the gun culture–however you might want to define it–that makes a mom feel like she needs to carry a weapon at a soccer game. Seriously, wtf does she need a gun for at a soccer game? Do people who do this really feel that unsafe in the sunshine watching 9 year olds get penalty kicks? They must live in a different world than I do. I like my world better, but apparently, their MDV.
I had to laugh out loud at the other 2 gun stories, but I do feel bad for the witnesses of those deaths. The Darwin awards did spring to mind…
*I know you’re kidding, but wanted to make my point.

It’s coming off as something closer to spitting on her grave. I’m fine with finding humor in weird situations or stuff that might be tragic to one person, but she didn’t deserve to die just because she flashed a gun at a soccer game and that’s what most of these posts imply. She did a dumb thing. If she’d been, I don’t know, robbed at gunpoint by an off-duty soccer referee, that would have had an ironic cast to it. This doesn’t. It’s just senseless.

Maybe she was tired of her kid getting benched.

Gun nuts claim that gun control is hitting what you aim at. Two perfect cases of gun control here. Yet, it still didn’t end well, did it?

The woman obviously didn’t feel safe at a youth soccer game. According to the neighbor, she didn’t feel safe at the grocery store or even when she talked to someone outside her house. Did she ever put that gun down?
Only a few possible explanations here:

  1. Lebanon, PA is a very dangerous place.

  2. She had a lot of enemies who could strike at any time, like in the checkout line at the Kroger or on the sidelines of a soccer field (two of the most likely palces to be attacked, not counting right outside your house).

  3. She didn’t really have any enemies, but distrusted almost everyone because she has the social skills of dirt.

  4. She really had a gun fetish.
    I’m going with a mix of 3 and 4.

One wonders if she felt safe inside her house (DID she ever put that gun down?). If she did, she completely missed in her threat assessment.

WAS her husband abusive prior to this? Perhaps that’s why she always had a gun on hand…weird.

Thing is, most gun owners I know are pretty calm and usually make fun of people like these. (Not that I’m saying this tragedy is something to make fun of!)

But it seems like the “gun nuts” make the really responsible gun owners look bad – only in some cases, it ends up in a tragedy. And I really, really think that needs to be addressed.