Gun toting soccer mom dead.

From a gunshot wound, of course.

I have no idea why I’m giggling over this. I’m going to hell.

“My heart went out to that dog”!?!?!?!?!?!

Yeah, that’s the bottom line all right.

Always remember, guns don’t kill people. Gun nuts kill people.

This is about as funny as a murder-suicide involving a mother of three young children can be. Which is to say it’s just not funny.

I thought Hain was in the wrong for bringing her gun to the soccer game - that shows zero common sense in my opinion - but I don’t think it’s funny that her husband murdered her and their kids are now orphans. Guess I need to lighten up.

I never get tired of The Onion.

Marley23, I think we’re just whistling past the graveyard. Of course it’s a horrible tragedy.

It does read like Kurt Vonnegut, though.

At least there’s one less minivan on the road, which is a good thing. Always helps to look at the bright side.

I didn’t say I was proud of myself for giggling, just that I did. And still am.

Yup, still going to hell.

Are soccer moms similar to hockey moms? In the photo she’s not wearing lipstick, so she might be just a pit bull.

Maybe soccer moms dont need to use a stick…

Who in hell chooses a day care provider who carries a loaded weapon? :dubious:

I feel horrible for those children–how does one “get over” something like that? And the dog comment is really classic, no? :rolleyes:

Ok so let’s see. We’ve got a woman murdered by her husband, who then turns the gun on himself, and two of their, oh, THREE kids run out of the house screaming that Daddy shot Mommy.

Yeah. That’s a real chuckle there, chique.

The kids watched their father murder their mother. And you’re giggling. That’s a pretty sick attitude.

shrug So pit me.


Who could have guessed something like this would happen? Oh, right, anyone with half a brain.

Why is it unsurprising that a woman who open-carried would be shot to death by her husband? Do you think it’s somehow common for people who openly carry holstered guns to be shot to death in incidents of domestic violence? If so, does this also apply to off-duty police officers? (Who may well have a few hours a year of range time compared to the training a civilian carry permit holder might have?)

This is a sad case. But to somehow make it out to be connected to her position on open-carry and gun rights is completely misplaced sentiment. Think of all the women who are shot to death by their husbands, or murdered in some other way, every year, who are not handgun owners.

I know it’s very satisfying for the anti-gun fanatics to chuckle over this and say “oh, she had it coming to her, that kooky gun-nut” - but take your blinders off for a second and think about what really happened here, okay?

I can’t believe the county sheriff revoked her CCW permit! Open carry is perfectly legal in PA and doesn’t even need a permit, just like in most states. She was right to sue the county for it. I fail to see what’s so funny about kids being orphaned, but whatever gets your jollies off, I guess.

It was on the radio yesterday - I wondered how long it would take to trickle up to the dope.

Given the strong feelings about gun control, pro and con, around here, and given the reaction many seem to feel about the OP finding the current story humorous, I’m moving this to the Pit.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Looking at last September’s picture in the linked article, I could only think, “Girl, you’ll be dead in a year–you sure this is how you want to spend your 15 minutes?”