Gunman shoots at cops and motorists on I-90.

Alternate thread title: The SDMB may have saved my life.

I missed this incident by 15 minutes.

I decided to go to my office in Albany for a few hours this morning and at 11:40 am or so, figured I had done enough and would leave so I could get home to take care of our daughter while my husband went to Home Depot on Rte. 4. But being a procrastinator, I thought I’d waste some time on the boards for about 15-20 minutes before leaving.

If I had decided to leave when I was done with work, I would have been one of the people the cops were telling to run from their vehicles.

If you enlarge the second picture down, you can make out a black SUV on a flatbed tow truck. I’m in the silver car behind the tow truck. At this point, everyone was getting off at exit 9. The cops were just starting to show up when I got there about a 1/4 mile before that picture was taken. There were about a dozen cop cars either in the median, the highway or speeding past to the scene. When I saw the police chopper circling the area, I figured it was more than a 3 car pileup I was avoiding.

There’s no word on the shooter’s name or a motive. The guy was in a Connecticut taxi and jumped out and started shooting. According to another website another suspect was found near the Home Depot on Rte 4, oddly enough.

My usual 25 minute drive home took over an hour. So how’s your Saturday going?


A little dull.

Scary! I’m glad you missed it.

No recent freeway shootings, but it’s been dry and windy with temps in the mid-80’s, which prompted L.A. County to issue a red flag warning for high fire danger this weekend. BTW, what’s with all that white stuff on the ground? Sure looks dreary. :cool:

The footage on the local news looked scary. One car had a bullet hole in the hood. There were dozens of people fleeing from their cars and they had to go back later to retrieve them. As of 8:00 pm, the highway is still closed between exits 9 and 11.

I never heard anything else about a second suspect being found near Home Depot. As far as I know, a State Trooper pulled the taxi over for a traffic stop and the passenger started shooting with a rifle. So a second suspect sounds unlikely, IMO. There’s still no known motive and the suspect is in surgery.

That white stuff on the ground is going to be multiplying tonight by 1 - 2 inches per hour. We’re looking at 7-10 inches by noon tomorrow and that’s pretty normal for this region. At least it doesn’t cause wildfires, eh?