Guns 'N Roses reunion and tour rumors

Seems there’s talk of Guns 'N Roses doing a reunion and tour soon. At least with Axl, Slash and Duff McKagan.

If this is true how long before Axl loses it on tour and they cancel anyway?

Yeah, I saw that they were headlining Coachella. Remember when that was an alternative show out in the desert?

Yeah, Axl will figure out how to screw it up. So it goes.

Hate to say it but I don’t think anyone cares.

G’N’R, well, Axl specifically, killed any kind of good will I had towards the band. Appetite was an awesome album and the Illusions were ok, but the delays, the drama, the crappy last album…eh. Who cares anymore?

A side note, I saw G’N’R and Metallica on tour. It was in Las Cruces NM, way back. Metallica opened and kicked ass. G’N’R came out and halfway through the first or second song, Axl stopped the band and screamed 'Which one of you fucking assholes threw shit at me?". Now, I understand being pissed at someone throwing stuff at you. However, calling everyone in the audience a fucking asshole? Anyway, that little outburst pretty much killed the audiences interest in the show, people just started leaving. G’N’R was boring as hell, so we ended up leaving early.

As far as other members go, I think Adler is to wasted from his years of drug abuse to actually play anymore. I think Izzy will do it.


At one of their co-concerts where Metallica lead signer James Hetfield accidentally got burned by a pyrotechnic and they had to stop, GnR could have gone on early & played late to save things. Hetfield himself said that Axl had a chance to be “…the hero of the day”, but of course he didn’t.

I still think there’s a demand for a GnR reunion, they were that good, but I also agree that its hard to imagine Axl not ruining it. I got to see them live once, but it was before they had broken huge (they were opening for Aerosmith) so I didn’t appreciate it…

Lemmy dies and GNR reunites.

That is NOT a fair trade.

Hallelujah brother

I’ve decided to beat the crowd and be the first to claim they’ve gotten their money back on a canceled show.

It just seems easier that way.

It stopped being alternative long ago.

Wow! Axel looks like he’s repeating Jim Morrison’s long slide-fat, bloated drunk. Doesn’t resemble the Axel of younger days at all.

If the Spice Girls reunite too, they should tour with GNR.

Huh? Jim Morrison was 27 when he died. Axl Rose is 53.

My wager is on them not making it out of rehearsals before Axel blows it up. It’s a shame because I’d love to see them all getting along, healthy and rocking. Maybe he’s mellowed? (I know, I know).