Guster fans, anyone?

Is there anyone out there who is a fan of Guster (you can find them at )? They’re not very well known, but I think they’re great!!! I haven’t met anyone who likes them except my boyfriend (who introduced me to their music), and I was wondering if any Dopers are fans.

Dude, ya, The Airport Song! I think that their CD sold better in my area than almost anywhere in the country because the local alternative station played the hell out of it. I even bought that CD! (Hey! Where the hell did it go?)

Of course. I’ve only gotten the chance to see them twice so far, and I hope they release a fourth cd soon- it’s been two years since the last one. I’ve been thrilled to discover that there are Doper Guster fans who aren’t New Englanders- and 6Gig is the next local band to go national, I predict.

elfkin477, where and when did you see Guster? What were they like?

I’ve heard a couple of their songs, and they seem pretty cool. I’m going to check them out further.

I’ve only heard one of their songs, but “Barrel of a Gun” is great.

Are Guster the guys who do that song “Fa-Fa”?

In any case, I like that song.

I love Guster. They are on my Top Ten Bands to Worship List.

Favorite songs: “Airport Song,” “Demons,” and “Two Points for Honesty.”

They do a kickass live cover of “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” with Dave Matthews, FYI.

I like Guster. Gotta love the Airport Song.

~Love me,
Hate me,
Make me live again…
-Better Than Ezra

I saw them in 97’ at the university I went to (UNH, Durham NH) when they opened for Tonic and Verve Pipe. I’d never heard them before, though I heard of them since one of my best friends roomies was a huge fan and had a poster of the Parachute cover on her walls. As soon as I heard them sing “Rocketship” I was hooked, though I was already really enjoying them by the time they’d sang “the airport song” which was a couple of weeks away from the radio. It was a great show.

I then saw them at the Holiday Bizarre right before Christmas of 99’ at the State Theater in Portland, ME. I hate the venue (because it’s terrible aucoustically for electric guitar-based bands) but they were still excellent. They played with Angry Salad (a local band), Shootz Groove and Jimmie’s Chicken Shack.

I hope to see them again soon, hopefully the next time they play UNH. They’re terrific live, so if you get the chance to see them, do.

Guster rulz!!!

I saw them last December when they opened for Barenaked Ladies in Detroit. Then in the spring I saw them at a club wher they played to a capacity, packed, sold out, screaming crowd. They were all “hey! It’s like we’re real rock stars.”

They are currently recording their next album according to their website, I don’t know exactly when its supposed to come out.

They played a kick-ass finale of the 80’s “classic” “Do they Know Its Christmastime in Africa” with BNL that absolutely slayed me.