Guy Cable Questions...

I work at a radar site in NM, and I have no previous experience with guy wires/cables or guyed towers. The rest of the guys here know just enough to recognize what they ordered, and how to use it when it gets here. That’s about it. We have a tower that’s supported by guy cables, and I want to know just what some of the terms used to describe the cable mean. Apart from “bumps”, please keep the “chatter” responses to a minimum until I have some expert opinions.

I’d look this up on the web, but I have no idea where to begin. Every inquiry I do either brings up very technical sites where I don’t know the jargon or “cable ratings” for cable TV.[ul][li]Lay method: right regular all layers[/li]What does this mean (both “lay method” and the type referenced), and what are some other methods?

[li]Breaking strength: 3700 pounds minimum[/li]I have a good idea what this means, but how do they determine this characteristic?

[li]Core construction: independent wire rope[/li]Same as the first. What is core construction and what are the types?

[li]Style designator: A124 7 X 19[/li]Same as the first. What is style designator and what does that code mean?[/ul]

Thanking you all in advance…


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Try a search using ‘wire rope’ rather than cable.

With a little looking, the above link led us to the answers we wanted the most.

A thousand thanks!


[Flippant answers are acceptable at this point. ;)]