what do you call this device?

I’m sure there’s a term for this, but it escapes me at the moment. What do you call the feature on a cable/wire/hose that increases the OD so that it cannot pull through a hole which is large enough for the cable/wire/hose to pass through if it were not for this feature?
feature X [ ]
____ []
-------| X |---------------------- cable/wire/hose
[ ]
[ ]
barrier w/ thru hole

please excuse the really, really crappy illustration.


Oh heavens, should have previewed that. Totally ignore the now completely useless illustration.


A snowman?
But seriously folks. I know what you mean. I just always called it a clamp/blocker thing

On a pipe you would call it a flange. I think the same term might apply for cable & hose.

On some cables and wires, it is called a knot.

“Collar” comes to mind, especially for any such thing that could be added to the hose or moved along the hose.

Wires generally would be fixed in place with a “strain relief”

Strain relief fittings

That’ll work!

Thanks all.

On a lamp cord in the base of a socket it is called an Underwriters Knot.
Strain relief.
Cable clamp.