Guys&Dolls- havana?

Could Sky really fly to Havana from NYC and get back in a day in the 30’s?

And what were all those signs with 4 numbers all over Havana? :confused:


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  1. The stage musical appears to be set in the early 1950’s, not the 1930’s. Note the reference to television in “Guys And Dolls” (the song).

  2. Haven’t seen the film in forever, can’t help you there.

About the signs with numbers–when I watched the film years ago with my then-girlfriend (whose family was from Spain but had relatives in a number of places in Latin America, including Havana), she said they were lottery numbers.

Apparently, the winning lottery numbers would be drawn, and then plastered all over the city so everybody could see if they won. And, just as with a lot of posters and such on construction hoardings and telephone poles even today, nobody was really concerned with taking them down, so they just proliferated. Although there seems to be no way to tell in the movie, I’m sure that in the real Havana of those days, there was some way to know which numbers went with which drawing.

I have no way of knowing whether they are really lottery numbers or not, but coming from my then-girlfriend who knew a lot about the area and the people who lived there, it seemed a plausible answer.