Guys: how many women do you know who could kick your ass in hand-to-hand combat?

I have a friend from my university days who is a 4th or 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, so I have every confidence that she could beat the holy shit out of me without much effort on her part, even given that her back isn’t in great shape anymore. I probably know one or two other women who are in substantially better condition and are far better equipped to throw down if they had to, although no one leaps to mind.

re: Women with advanced martial arts belts/degrees. Has anybody ever actually seen one defeat a man who was the same size or larger and not drunk/high/elderly/holding back? I’ve seen women win on points in free sparring where any kind of contact would score. I never saw one compete against a man in full contact, much less win.

Two I can think of offhand:

  • One is bigger and stronger than me (she rowed crew in college). When we were in college together, she once picked me up by my ankles (I was standing upright at the time) and threw me into a bush. (Yes, there was alcohol involved.)

  • One is shorter than me, but in great shape, and has studied tae kwon do for the last several years (whereas I last studied TKD 32 years ago).

Woman checking in, unless we’re counting children and the elderly, I’m thinking the number of guys I could beat is pretty damned small.

Martial arts training is kind of overrated. It doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone is going to be able to overcome a significant advantage in strength and mass. Karate isn’t magic. If someone can pick you up and throw you, your tae kwon do classes from the strip mall aren’t going to help you that much (I say this as a shrimp who took tae kwon do lessons as a kid). It’s more useful in just helping you get away, not necessarily in going toe to toe with someone who’s bigger and stronger than you.

Possible one, but seeing that she is both a close friend and the wife of a close friend I would not engage her even if she were really angry and intent on fighting with me.

Plus I fight dirty.

I’m pretty big, but I’m getting old. I’ve seen women in person and on TV who probably could kick my ass now, and in the past. But I couldn’t say I’ve known any. Not to say that there aren’t women I know that I fear, but not solely on their ability to kick my ass.

True, but against someone like me who hasn’t been in a fight since junior high, simply knowing what to do in a fight could well allow a woman to overcome a significant height/weight difference. (I would still answer zero because I don’t know any women who are in law enforcement, the military, or serious athletes or martial artists).

One of my martial arts sifus could easily have kicked my ass (and frequently did :))

She was only about 5’5, but solid lean athletic pitbull muscle. She was spooky fast, and near impossible to restrain. She would easily just bridge and flip me if I tried any sort of pin or restraint, and missing one punch meant that she’d be within my guard with a simultaneous grip on my windpipe, teeth on my face, and another death grip on my groin.

Another woman I trained with was about 6’4, 250 lbs of mostly muscle, and swatted me around like King Kong to a biplane when sparring.

None. I’m skeptical that there’s many women, with any degree of training, that could kick my ass if I wasn’t holding back. An enraged fully grown man can take a lot of pain and do a lot of damage.

None that I’m aware of. I’m 26.

The Army vet I mentioned upthread did exactly that. Since she didn’t start the fight but sure as hell finished it, I have no reason to think that the guy who assaulted her was holding back.

You seem to be implying a healthy man can always count on defeating a healthy woman if both are sober and the man does not hold back. Is that what you mean? Because I simply don’t think that’s true.

Note that I’m not saying my freind from way back then was an invincible Xena type. She wasn’t; I’m sure there were men who could kick her ass just as she could kick the ass of most guys. And I’ll even concede that if we could somehow chart the fighting ability of every adult in the world, the right-hand extremes of the bell curve would skew male and the left, female. But there’s gonna be both sexes on both sides. There’s always someone better, after all.

(Well, for every person but one. But there’s only one of that person. Obviously.)

You are entitled to think what you want, especially in your own thread. Since neither of us is able to bring anything but sparse anecdotal evidence to the table, though, I’m not going to debate the point.

You didn’t answer my question, I notice. I’ll repeat it:
You seem to be implying a healthy man can always count on defeating a healthy woman if both are sober and the man does not hold back. Is that what you mean?

Note that I am not claiming that, if we chose a 1000 adult, healthy men and 1000 adult healthy women randomly, paired them off, and forced them to fight, that the men would not come ahead on the numbers by a considerable margin; they almost certainly would. I’m just saying that it’s not inconceivable that the women are going to win some of those bouts.

Another thing, though. You seemed to be talking about sparring earlier – that is, competition with rules. I was talking about fighting, which is a whole 'nother ball of wax. If I were wrestling with my baby sister, say, I’m sure I’d overpower her easily, because of my considerable advantages of height, mass, reach, & strength, and because in wrestling there are things one is not allowed to do. But if we were fighting seriously, I’d probably get hurt in the process (though I still think I’d win), because in a fight there are no rules: just the goal of inflicting pain and damage on the opponent until the opponent submits. Baby sister is going to fight as dirty as possible under those circumstances. And, as I said, I wouldn’t have dared such a fight with my army vet friend 15 years back, on account of preferring my balls where they are.

If it’s a fight fight, the woman is even more trouble. Men can fight dirty too. I sure as hell do.

If it’s a fight fight, the woman may or may not be in more trouble; it depends on the guy she is fighting. Obviously. Some guys are timid in general. Some guys are not timid in general but have considerable inhibitions against hitting women, making them seem timid in such a circumstance. (C’est moi, though otherwise I am entirely unlike Franco Nero.) And some guys are neither timid in general nor have inhibited about hitting women. I’ll happily concede that a man in the third category, healthy & fit and well-trained, is likely to prevail over a healthy, fit, well-trained woman in a fight. Though you never know.

Right now, I can’t think of any that can obviously do so. Back when I was taking martial arts, though, there probably were several. But I’m not taking martial arts now.

In the martial art I practiced (Tracy’s Kenpo) we emphasized nut kicking, nut grabbing and nut twisting a lot. Can most guys - or most of you guys - stand tough against a solid fist or a foot to the nuts? Or are you just assuming a woman wouldn’t be able to get to your nuts before you subdued her?

I am honestly curious. I think I may have asked a while back about whether or not a guy would kick another guy in the nuts during a fight. To me, a woman, going straight for the nuts is a no-brainer.


No tickling though.

You seem to have not noticed that I said I would not debate the point with you. I especially decline to do so now that it is clear you have already made up your mind on this and if I disagree with you I am wrong.