Guys! Need Fashion Advice!

AT 52, I will be going out on a real date for the first time in about 8 years, and I am horribly out of sync! At work, I dress in scrubs. At home, it’s jeans and shorts and sandals or sneakers.

I’m 5’8 and 195 pounds.

I live in Georgia where the highs right now range from the high 70’s to the low 80’s and my date and I will be attending a dinner theatre the night of May 9th. Style of dress has not been mentioned, but I would prefer not to wear a tie. I am fair complected with brown hair and blue eyes.

Please help me dress for this thing!



Casual is best.

Beige Dockers pants, a black or dark green long-sleeved dress shirt with a black belt and shoes. Jacket optional.

I totally missed the first exclamation point in the thread title.

“Guys Need Fashion Advice!”

Well duh. :wink:

If you go over to Land’s End web site, , you can build a virtual model of yourself. Then they can suggest different outfits based on what style you want. Use those outfits as guidelines when choosing from your own wardrobe.

Good luck!

– W.A. Duck (who is so glad he’s out of the dating scene)

What spooje said.

Although it’s quite possible you might be able to get away with a polo shirt, especially if you wear a jacket over it.

You may want to go to a haberdasher (do they even call themselves that anymore?) or the men’s department of a large store, and ask their opinion on what is appropriate dress for a dinner theater experience. Supposedly, they’re more hip to that kind of thing than you or I, anyway, and regional tastes may vary.

OK, I’m not a guy, but I look at guys. And I like the look of khakis and a light colored shirt with a subtle stripe or plaid. (Personally, I like ties, but I know most men hate them as much as I hate dresses and hose, so I’ve learned not to fret over that.) Finish the look with a well-polished pair of shoes and a sport jacket if it’s cool enough to wear one comfortably.

Then again, anyone who’s seen the way I dress would probably shy away from taking fashion advice from me. Still, that’s the look I prefer.

I agree with the khakis, long sleeve dress shirt with a light pattern and a sports jacket. If this is in the evening (I assume it is) it will likely be cool enough to wear a jacket.

Leave the Starfleet insignia at home.

(just kidding about that last part)

Also, please make sure that the clothes you choose are in excellent condition(no tiny stain you can hardly notice, no loose threads) and that, if ironing is required, ironing takes place. Those of you who say, well, duh! have not met my husband. Anyway, nervousness runs high on first dates and it can manifest itself in looking for a reason not to like the person. Don’t let your clothes be that reason.

I concur with the above, but leave the jacket unless you need to carry stuff.

Ack. No way. You’ll look about 12.

Khakis, button-down cotton dress shirt, no tie, linen sport jacket. I’ll leave the colors up to you. And a sensible pair of brogans.

I’m reminded of Stuttering John’s question to Burt Reynolds, who owns a dinner theater in Jupiter, Florida: “So, Burt, what’s better, the dinner or the theater?”

Anyway, I’ve got to go with a tie for a dinner date. Better to be a little overdressed than underdressed. And if you wear a tie, you’ve got to wear a jacket.

Go to your haberdasher and tell him what you’re doing - if he’s worth his salt he’ll give your a range of options and you can pick and choose. Make sure the clothes fit well, are clean and pressed, and FOR GOD’S SAKE MAN, POLISH YOUR SHOES!

For me, it would depend on the woman that Im going out with. If she dresses like a hippie, then thats
how I might. If she is all business like, then perhaps that might work for me. Im an artist, so I can
wear whatever I want & when they ask why Im wearing what Im wearing, I always remind them that Im an
artist & can wear whatever I want.

Where are you taking the person?

I’ll second and third what most people have said, but I’ve got one question:

What’s she wearing? Not specifically, but do you know how dressed up she’s going to be? I’d say pants, button-down cotton shirt. If you choose the “less dressy” path and opt out of a tie, then a short sleeve button-down might be in order. Certainly a more casual look, and appropriate if the weather is as warm as you indicate.

It would be good to get an idea of what people wear to this particular dinner theatre. Maybe you could drop by a day or two before and just peek in the door and check. You don’t want to be conspicuously under dressed.

You fiend.

Why not suggest a clip-on bowtie, while you’re at it? And a squirting gardenia?

Who asked whom out? If she asked you, then you can easily call her up and ask her what you should wear (this is also a good excuse to talk with her some more before the ‘date,’ and decrease your mutual nervousness). If you asked her, you’re on your own.
Remember: brown or burgundy shoes with khakis; black shoes with dark blue or black pants. Belt matches shoes.
Also, ‘dinner theatre’ means ‘dressy’, so, like it or not, you have to wear a tie and jacket (not a suit, but a blazer is better).

Just phone the place and find out what people usually wear to these things. They will be glad to tell you.

If she says she is wearing something other than what they tell you, you should probably tell her what they said so she doesn’t feel under/over dressed. Her embarassmane at hearing it from you would be a lot less than standing out the whole night as a slob/priss.

Can’t go wrong with a kilt. Hard to get on short notice, though…

Go to your local high-end department store (Nordstrom is great) and look for Faconnable (sounds like “faucet knob” all slurred together). It’s expensive but nicely constructed, great fabrics and almost like Garanimals for men. Plus the sales people in that area are exceedingly willing to help.

Tommy Bahama is another good one for upscale casual in a warm environment, but stay away from the hawaiian shirts please. He makes killer casual slacks for men.

Do NOT EVER wear short-sleeved dress shirts. If you’re going to try for a polo type shirt under a jacket, make it a fine sweater-like knit (silk or a good cotton) rather than a golf-shirt (pique) or t-shirt material.

Stick with neutral colors and fine prints and you’ll be okay. Stay away from anything that has a garish logo (ala Hilfiger).

Go to your local Johnston and Murphy and spring for a pair of really good shoes. Women notice shoes and we can tell a cheap pair from 500 yards. Don’t skimp and buy a pair of socks while you’re there.

Go to the Coach store (yes the purse store) and buy a belt to match the shoes.

Don’t forget to wear clean underwear.

(I can’t figure out for the life of me why you asked other men for help. Sheesh!)

Oh, its a dinner theatre. In that case, why don’t you call the dinner theatre & ask them what ppl wear?

With the exception of the kilt, I am carefully considering all of your suggestions, but for right now, what looks most promising to me are the Khakis, a lonsleeved shirt with pale blue horizontal (kidding!) stripes, brown belt and brown shoes. What do y’all think about the so-called penny loafer as an appropriate shoe?

As to what she will be wearing: I asked her and she hasn’t made up her mind yet.

I have a navy blue blazer. That’s different from a sports jacket, or is it? I would like to carry it with me, but as y’all pointed out, if I put on the blazer, I better wear a tie, and I wanted to avoid that.

Also, the suggestion was made that I call the place and ask them what I should wear. This is a former Ramada Inn and this will be their very first experience with hosting a dinner theatre, and they won’t have a clue. I hate to run down my home state, but this is rural Georgia, and they go to tractor pulls and wrestling matches as a rule here.:wink:

Would y’all like to see a picture of what I wind up looking like, or does the anticipation frighten you just a little? I remember Lynn’s admonition to Du_Hast and would like to avoid being threatened with loss of posting privileges.:smiley:

A special thanks to the ladies who answered. It is most appreciated and thoughful of you to help dress a guy you don’t even know! :slight_smile:

Underwear? Jesus! I have to buy fresh underwear too?? This is a first date guys, and I don’t have the kind of face or shape that says I’m gonna get lucky!

Again, my heartfelt thanks!


What’s fashion?