Guys, put your thongs away and get some real shoes

I’m so sick of seeing so many damn people on this campus wearing flip-flops (or, as I will call them, thongs,) even when it’s 30 degrees outside. Is it that hard to put on a real pair of shoes or are you SO LAZY that you can’t even do that? (the fact that so many of these people are also wearing sweatpants seems to support the latter.) Man, isn’t there any sense of decorum for college students anymore? I wish there was an official dress code, and I swear I’m not even kidding. It de-hances my learning environment to see all these guys sitting around looking like they’re at summer camp.

My girlfriend wears flip-flops all the time, and I sort of wish she wore real shoes more often, but it doesn’t bother me as much because girls’ feet are cute whereas guys’ feet are HAIRY AND DISGUSTING. You DON’T look good in those ugly, stupid flip-flops, you guys, so why can’t you get a real pair of shoes and look like a real man?

See, they do it purely to annoy you.

Wow, I thought you were talking the underwear type thongs. Then I would have to agree with you.


Why are you staring at some dude’s feet? You one of them homersexuals?

Why don’t you quit concerning yourself with what people who have no connection to you wear on their feet for whatever reasons that you don’t know about and find something worthwhile to do other than looking down your nose at people who don’t fit your oh-so-perfect image of what a “real man” is?

I took my shoes off to type this just to annoy you.

But, for the record I wear as little as I must on my feet at all times. I only wear shoes to work because I “have to”. Maybe they’re comfortable that way?

I too think flip-flops look stupid on guys.

However, seeing as they are the most comfortable possible shoes, especially in 30 degrees, I couldn’t possibly begrudge my brothers this enjoyment.

(BTW, curse those of you currently enjoying 30 degree weather, and take some of our freezing rain while you’re at it.)

My feet would never speak to me again if I shoved them into shoes and/or socks in the summer. The fact that they are cute girl-feet (although massive) doesn’t change this: if they were nasty hairy man-feet, I would feel precisely the same way and, like mr bus guy, never subject them to unnecessary sweltering.

Sweatpants, I agree, are inexcusable. The degree to which flip-flops are more comfortable than regular shoes in the heat, is vastly greater than the degree to which sweatpants are more comfortable than regular pants. (Linen, people! Linen pants in the summer!)

Flip-flops for everyone!

psst… cowgirl… I think the OP meant “30 degrees Fahrenheit,” not those silly little overvalued Centigrade degrees you have up north.

I’m torn. On the one hand I like people to dress in such a way that their slovenliness doesn’t offend the professionals around them. But on the other hand, my hat’s off to anyone who can wear thongs and shorts when it’s 30 degrees F outside! I’m awed.

Guys’ feet are cute. I mean, not in like a foot fetish way, but they’re sexy.

I have shoes. I never wear them. I wear flip-flops and slides all year. Screw you if you don’t like it.

You’re right, Argent … guys feet are hairy and disgurting and if they’re going to wear flip flops, they should definitely do something about it.

Like maybe, wear socks with those flip flops. Would that be better?
ducks and runs


They’re usually called “Oregonians.” :smiley:

Er…but it’s college, isn’t it?

Anyway, I wear sandals 10 months out of the year in Upstate NY. I hate shoes and socks…they make me feel claustrophic and uncomfortable. I wear them as little as possible. But no flip-flops.

I wear flip-flops. Sweatpants, too. And, sometimes, sandals with socks. White socks.

:stuck_out_tongue: to anyone who doesn’t like it.

As long as a guy cuts his toenails and doesn’t have Frodo feet, I am fine with guys wearing flip flops. In fact, I think they often look cute on guys with the right outfit.

But not when it’s cold. It has to be at least 70 degrees for me to wear them. But I do wear them almost constantly from April - October.

I also hate when people wear shorts and t-shirts when it is cold outside. Or no coats with just a sweater on when it is 30 degrees outside. This campus is huge, you have to walk. And I wouldn’t call any of the classrooms particularly climate controlled either - they are always freezing. I’d cry if I tried to walk 10 minutes to class in shorts in winter.

Oohhhh…I obviously hit a nerve with someone…

That you did.

I don’t get as worked up as the OP about it, but I just hate flip flops in general. I personally find them very uncomfortable because of that horrible bit that goes between the first two toes. I hate the swishing/slapping sound they make when lazy people wear them and can’t make themselves walk right in them. I think they look stupid unless you are near a body of water in warm weather. They are just a hideous fashion trend that I hope goes away.

Whatever people want to do, hey, they can knock themselves out. I can’t stop people if they choose to look stupid.

Yeah, I’m with you on this, Argent Towers.

Or Canadians.