Guys wearing womens shoes?

Is there anything wrong with this? It doesn’t seem like a big deal, to me, but I don’t know…

I want to buy these so bad, but I don’t think they’ll have my size (highest is a womens 10 at the website).
But, I’m going to walk in to lady footlocker determined, and ask for the “Reebok Princess Casual Fitness” with pride.

Just thought I’d get a general consensus on the matter :slight_smile:

I was trying on running shoes once and could not find a pair that fit, to save my life. Then I saw a pair not on the shelf with the others, but stacked in the middle of the floor as they were ``on sale’’, but still over by budget. I tried them on on a lark, and they fit like a glove. This is when I noticed that they were women’s shoes. So I figured, hey, if my foot is closer to the `average’ last that they build women’s shoes on, I’ll try the other ones off the women’s section of the wall. This seemed to confuse the hapless sales person no end, but eventually he either decided that despite the beard, I was a woman, or that if this guy insisted on wearing women’s clothing, that was non of his concern, and agreed to go find my size in the back room. So no, I don’t think there’s anything weird with that.

I’m fairly certain that they make a nearly identical men’s shoe of that brand. I can’t be sure of it, but I have seen a lot of younger guys wearing shoes that looked pretty much the same. They can’t ALL have been wearing women’s shoes.

At any rate- Whatever floats your boat. All my sneakers are guys’, so I can’t say much.

I do it all the time. For a guy I have small feet (6 1/2), and even some of the larger shoe stores are really bad about stocking sizes below 8. Asking for men’s sizes below 7 usually leads to head-shaking and in one memorable instance a suggestion that I should go to Tokyo. I’m impatient and generally indifferent to stares so I usually hit the women’s section and find something to my liking. They usually have more that appeals to me than the kid’s section does.


I would wonder somewhat about stillettos lol… but they’re cool… good choice btw, love the red!

I’m a woman with big feet (10C women’s, 8 medium width men), and often buy men’s, esp. for sneaks. I also prefer men’s loafer’s since they’re sturdier and last much longer. (I had one pair that I had re-heeled probably half a dozen times and re-soled twice before the connection at the bottom of the big toe went out. Damn I loved those shoes.)

I say – get whatever fits that you like.

If I could find a pair of women’s shoes that could fit my clodhoppers–13, 6E–I would be very suprised. I would also assume that I found them in the maternity section.